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  1. With my claim still 'on hold' at NI Small Claims Court - what is the next move by myself or by Barclays/Woolwich? Nothing at all is happening and I'm unsure of next step. Advice appreciated.
  2. Yes. My claim against these unfair bank charges will be heard in Northern Ireland Small Claims Court. (Pending). I reckon I have sufficient evidence (including Woolwich swallowing up State Benefits) - Incapacity Benefit and Income Support - our only income which was weekly credited to this Woolwich account. These actions where horrendous for my wife and I, and left us completely without funds/cash. So . . . write another cheque to live . . . more charges.
  3. With Small Claim Court 'on hold' since 1997, it seems a strange suggestion to 'drop' my claim - even in the light of supreme Court ruling. I intend to write to Mr Henderson, Barclays, suggesting it may be premature to 'close our file' with Court hearing still to be heard. Maybe he doesn't know/forgotten that there is/will be a hearing! I hope it costs the Banks a fortune to attend (the many) Court claims still on hold.
  4. Letter received today (Wed 10 Mar) from Barclays - Mr Neil Henderson, Customer Relations Director - 'We are not upholding your complaint and will not be refunding the bank charges . . .' 'If we do not hear from you within 8 weeks I will consider your complaint resolved and will CLOSE our file.' My claim is on hold at Court. I intend to write to N Henderson soonest but in what avenue do I approach it? Please advise.
  5. What a heart-warming wonderful Post. Ta for the enormous encouragement! :) :)
  6. Thanks. Posts No12, 13 and 14 on this Thread refers. Tempted to make counter offer. . . . . . or should I?
  7. Another twist to this running saga: Offer of the week by DCA - 60% discount on disputed account - if paid in full by 08 Feb 10. Other various options are also made (3 month, 6 month and 12 month) discounted repayment plans. Would appreciate Mod advice/comment urgently. Other comments also welcome.
  8. What about this as a new ploy: Letter received yesterday from Equidebt re outstanding account (which is in dispute). They have set up an installment INTEREST FREE repayment plan 'on my behalf' for me to repay monthly £53.14 - starting 05 Feb 2010. The laugh is they will assume I find this acceptable if I don't make contact within SEVEN days! Is this a new ploy - has anyone faced a similar situation? They know (but might have forgotten or are ignoring) account is in dispute. I really wonder what the situation will be after 05 Feb!
  9. HI and welcome. Might I suggest you read thread Brooks Dad v Woolwich?
  10. All quiet. Fed-up waiting, tho!
  11. A very Happy Christmas and a Prosperous New Year to ALL CAGgers. Thanks, too, for all the advice from many - now friends.
  12. I installed trueCall some weeks ago. I am absolutely delighted. Peace at last! I can answer phone now - every call - knowing it won't be a DCA calling. Wonderful!!!!
  13. Merry Christmas to ALL CAGers and a Happy and Prosperous New Year
  14. A new letter today from EQUIDEBT - DEMANDING PAYMENT IN FULL BY 18 DECEMBER 2009 - OR ELSE!! I remember informing them some time ago that I did not accept their claimed debt and that proceedings were 'on hold' at Small Claims Court. Is this further harrassment or is it not?? TrueCall is rejecting their MANY telephone calls since installation of monitor - their calls are on 'Zap' list - so don't get through!
  15. trueCall system working excellently . . . Ah, the peace it has brought.
  16. Installed trueCall monitoring telephone system. Brilliant! Peace at last - not one DCA harrassment call getting though - All the DCA calling numbers I know are now on my 'ZAP' list - they are rejected. Only those numbers on my 'STAR' list (family and friends) are straight through.
  17. FIVE THREATENING LETTERS FROM EQUI-whats-their-name! over the past two days. SEVEN days to respond - or further legal ACTION! I'm shaking in my boots . . . Remember the letters I have sent to them . . . I DO NOT ACKNOWLEDGE THESE DEBTS - Court action pending. it's starting all over again. Is this a result of trueCall monitor being installed to reject their MANY MANY unanswered telephone harrassment calls? Advice welcome.
  18. After receiving TWO or THREE Equidebt calls EVERY day on my landline since my last post - plus my Mobile phone Twice each day - I have now installed trueCall monitoring/recording system. This new monitoring was only installed several days ago and I have had zero calls from TEN zaped numbers (Equidebt) - this means their calls are rejected. It may be the calm before the storm but being able to answer my landline without fear of yet another unwanted call is heaven. Family and friends can still telephone my number as they are all on my STAR list. TrueCall records all incoming/outgoing calls which I can transfer to my computer for a record and future reference. I would love to hear from other users of trueCall monitoring system and their positives and any negatives they may have.
  19. A new number to me ringing my mobile - anyone know who this is? Just receive my third call! 02202
  20. Anyone recognise these telephone numbers? 01789473876 / 01789473760 / 01789470455 / 01789841577 Area Code appears to be Stratford-Upon-Avon - anyone know who they belong to, tho?
  21. Yes, I have. Each date and the time the call was made. Since the 9th June up to14th August i have received THIRTY-EIGHT calls. ALL these calls were unanswered!
  22. Still calls BT 1451/messages BT1571 TWICE every day from DCA and on several occasions voice mail. Now my mobile number is being used as well! I now DO NOT know who is who - who is ringing/messaging - I have IGNORE against the numbers of all DCA contact numbers who ring my home number- but when at home I do not answer. I'm only periodically at home address to check missed calls plus BT1571 messages. . . . and so it goes on . . . My claim against unfair bank charges is STILL on hold at Court - but the hassel continues!
  23. Again. Nothing new to report. No mail but several missed calls from DCA. I'm not at home address to receive these calls. Still no sign of 'Storm Clouds,' tho. As yet!
  24. Nothing new to report since previous Posts. No DCA mail received and no BT 1571 messages since I visited my home address today!
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