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  1. hi ive now written to the halifax and got a reply offering half the ammount of the bank charges which is £155 what would be anyones advice to do next? should i partially accept? thanks
  2. hi everyone hope someone cant point me in the right direction:-) i rang the halifax visa department and requested the last 6 years of my visa card statements. i received these today . ive gone throughthem and circled all the late fee and over limit charges! can i claim both of these types of charge back? also what is my first step? and do i charge them interest? any help would be very appreciated thanks simon
  3. hi everyone ive just come across this site. i had read on another site a while ago about claiming visa charges for late payment and going over my visa limit. i have just received my last 6 years of statements from then today and in total ive payed £310 to them in these payments.what is now my next step in claiming these back and can i also claim theinterest back too?if so what rate do i charge them ineterest at?i looked ta the interest calculator but was unsure if this was for visa cards aswell as currnet accounts? thanks
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