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  1. HI Ive got a letter saying notice of transfer of proceedings on the top left. It states Claimant - HOIST PORTFOLIO HOLDING 2 LTD defendant ME. Then all it says is To all parties This claim has been transferred to the the county court of St.Helens for enforcement. That is it no forms attached, there is no Amount Outstanding on the letter, nothing. I have checked my Credit File today and there are 2 listings on my Financial History. 1 CCJ from Barclays showing as SATISFIED and the other Account is still awaiting to be taken to Court for defaulting on m
  2. If anyone can offer any advice it will be appriciated. My sister is due in court on Monday for the start of repossesion. If we pay off arrears in full tomorrow will we still have to go to court?
  3. You cannot 'appeal' against an overpayment you can only 'Dispute' it. Splashin
  4. Meagin I also worked with the changeover from WFTC to NTC. There may have been some papers showing an award as such, but no actual NTC award notices would of been issued prior to 06-04-2003 as the system was not allowed to start running until that actual start date. I do know that people submitted claims prior to 06-04-2003 these details were then held on a temp basis on a system called NICO (I think). Everybody who claimed in that first year were asked income deatils from 01/02 to provisionally start their tax credit entitlement. Splashin
  5. Please visit this site http://www.taxcreditoverpayment.pwp.blueyonder.co.uk/ It will guide you through the procedures of what you must do. Thee are also lots of people waiting to share their own expierences and offer advice Splashin
  6. http://www.taxcreditoverpayment.pwp.blueyonder.co.uk/
  7. Dave It seems to me that you might be a victim of Fraud. If you know you have never claimed tax credits then I would more even more concerned. I have read so many stories about tax credit fraud, it's happening to lots of people who have never ever claimed for them. Please check out this site http://www.taxcreditoverpayment.pwp.blueyonder.co.uk/ Here you will find guidance on what steps you must take to dispute this overpayment. My advice would be to save your writing for the dispute form, they don't respond to written letters. Splashin
  8. Has your case been affected by fraud? After reading stories from many people on www.taxcreditoverpayment.pwp.blueyonder.co.uk It makes me sure that this is what has happened to thousands of people nationwide, who are paying back overpayments. What is happening? Splashin
  9. Has CTC payment gone into your account yet?? Take no notice that the system detected a fault with your details. Check out some of the stories currently being written and posted about Fraud & Tax Credits on this website. www.taxcreditoverpayment.pwp.blueyonder.co.uk I would take it as far as possible. Splashin
  10. Fiyah Did you ever claim Working Families Tax Credit? This was the name of it before New Tax Credits was launched in April 2003. The reason I ask is that, if New TC's only started in April 2003 which is tax year 03-04, so how can the make you pay money back from a year when it didn't even exisit? Splashi
  11. What type of benefit did you recieve? I always thought benefits were not to be included in your annual income when calculating tax credits. There are a couple of benefits which you do need to included, but the list is quite short. They must be taxable social security benefits. http://www.hmrc.gov.uk/forms/tc603r-notes.pdf details on page 20. Let me know how you get on. Also very helpful Tax Credit Casualties Homepage Splash
  12. Thats correct, the CTC amount would pay out maximum entitlement even if your income was 14k. Can I ask why you say this cause the overpayments? Splash :?
  13. Hi Mad When should payment be in your account? if its not in by the weekend there is still a fault, but hey lets not be pesamistic afterall HMRC said so. lol.. Well done on getting it sorted and don't give up your ongoing complaint. Splash
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