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  1. I too got the same letter from DG solicitors for HSBC. They are also threatening me with court case as HSBC decided "not to renew " my £2500 overdraft facility, giving me one month to pay it back. I've negotiated some temporary repayment schedule with them but am so cheesed off with them have got another account, but wonder if anyone can give me a little advice about the wisdom of this ...


    1. Will it damage my case if I close my account? I was one of the Cardiff many whose cases were stayed a couple of days before our hearing.


    2. Can they remove my O/D facility when the case is stayed - the overdraft if less that the charges I am claiming, let alone the interest etc.


    Any thoughts gratefully received

  2. Hi MB and Sha. Good to see there is some movement again at last. I haven't yet appealed the order rejecting my request to lift the stay as it seemed the only possibility was if you were suffering hardship. Having been served with Liability order for non payment of council tax and DCAs on my phone regularly am writing to the courts today to request an oral hearing. Good luck to you. Maybe see you soon in Cardiff

  3. Hi Olden et al... When I called Cardiff about request to appeal against refusal to remove stay, they just said to write a letter to the Listings Manager at the court, and there is no charge. I am asking for oral hearing - see if I get one this time - but am going to include info about HSBC not submitting AQ by deadline some weeks before announcement of OFT case. I would suggest everyone asks for oral hearing, to keep the court busy - maybe we willall be given same date again - that would be fun :D

  4. Just a quick response - Cardiff waived the fee for entering an application to remove the stay, and also for the application to reconsider the refusal to remove the stay at an oral hearing... so we only have our time to lose....but I do agree, that we need to go into such a hearing very well prepared...in my case D&G never bothered to file an AQ..weeks before the announcement of the test case, so that's one angle I'll be pursuing...

    Mostyn (with 4 Non Blondes "What's Going On ?" playing :)

  5. Hi Lacey I know it's frustrating but DON'T GIVE UP....we will get money back one way or another....if the High court decides in favour of the OFT, it means they will reach an agreement about the level of charges that are deemed "fair" , which will certainally be less than what we have been paying so far, so we will get some back, though maybe not the whole charge, but then there will be added interest to increase the amount. If the Court decides against the OFT - which I personally think is unlikely, given what happened with credit cards, then it's back to where we left off.

    The main problem is the time this may all take, tho it seems the OFT may be negotiating with the banks....and Lloyds has already broken ranks and reduced its charges..

    Meantime there are still things to do - request the stay is lifted if you had got that far (sorry have not read your thread so do not know what stage you are at), complain to your MP, etc. There are lots of ideas here Don't give in :)

  6. Manic. Same situation as me. I have contacted Cardiff court who tell me that you just write a letter requesting the application be reconsidered at an oral hearing - no fee charged - and send to the Listings Officer at the court. Seems like time wasting strategy on courts side to me, and no-one can explain why we didn't get an oral hearing originally as requested. :mad:

  7. Hi Sha Pete et al.... I got the same letter, in spite of having requested an oral hearing to discuss the stay - seems like they are just ignoring our requests, probably too many of them. Some justice ! I am writing to them to ask for oral hearing to "reconsider" the application

  8. Hey Ian Sorry to have missed you....next time hopefully. I agree, we def all should write with complaint to MOR, citing the wide discrepancies across the courty. I read somewhere that Liverpool is going ahead tomorrow, and there seem to be many others

  9. Yes AGE, they sure c***ed it up ....just been reading that Liverpool is going ahead tomorrow, and a case where the A and L have OBJECTED to a stay ordered by a judge ..Confusion reigns methinks I do just wonder if applying blanket says and waiving the fee for application for removal might be tactic judges are using to cirumvent current obtacles and let us have our day in court...or maybe I am just dreaming from lack of sleep :)

  10. No, Kashie, the court manager could not explain when I asked why the court was going against the direction of the MOR. Just said that judge would deal with requests to lift stay on case by case basis. I suspect they wanted to give themselves time to sort them all out and just bashed ahead blindly to get letters out to everyone before today :mad:

  11. Have posted on "News from Cardiff" Sorry we missed you Kelley and Olden. Yes Kelly, I think we will be getting to know each other over the next few months ...??? .....years ??? !!!! I didn't ask for Hickinbottom but spoke to Courts Listing MAnager who confirmed that a blanket stay was applied to all the cases today - including credit card ones.....clearly against the direction of the MOR :mad:

  12. Update from Cardiff: Am beginning to wonder if we haven't been infiltrated here, with the banks posing as hundreds of different claimants, as I met only 2 others today !!!! :( , and one of them was not down for a hearing just came to lend support - much appreciated Stadium. :) Where was everyone else??? Admittedly I arrived at 10.45,having been on line and printing all night, but SA and Welshbaba were there from 10 and met no-one else :(

    Anyway info gleaned from Court Listings Manager as follows: 1.Blanket stays (her words) were issued by the judge on all the 700+ cases listed for today - that is ALL cases - both bank charges and credit cards cases So it looks like we are now fighting the courts as well as the banks as this was contrary to the direction given to judges by the Master of the Rolls :mad: 2. It will be 2 to 3 weeks before we get a reply to applications for the removal of stays - was assured that these applications WILL be considered on a case by case basis 3.There are currently 2,500 cases in Wales .... So there you have it. Thankfully the press didn't turn up - that would have been just too embarrassing

  13. Yes Good luck CC Seems like the judges are going against the Master of the Rolls who advised all courts to deliberate stays on a CASE BY CASE basis. In Cardiff this morning I was told by the courts listings manager that the judge had ordered a blanket stay on all (over 700 of them) cases listed for today So it seems now we are fighting the courts as well as the banks :mad:

  14. Hi Pike. It´s difficult to predict what willl happen now since the OFT case was announced - most bank are now applying for Stays (postponement) of all cases. You can apply for this to be rejected if/when you get notification. In the meantime I would suggest another letter to HSBC Using the courts is just a way of pressurising them to pay out asap - so keep the pressure up

  15. Manic I´m certain they won´t hear our apps tomorrow but I for one am going to take opportunity to hand in app for removal of stay personally, and try to speak to Court Manager to get some answers about how long it will take and if they will all be heard together ...again!! Am sure others will be doing the same so maybe we stand a chance of getting to talk to someone Got to keep the pressure on the courts IMHO

  16. I agree Olden....I cannot understand why Cardiff have ordered the blanket stay when directions from the MOR is clear, AND the banks have sent in letters applying for stays ' why did they bother? I am turning up tomorrow to hand in application for removal of stay and try to speak to the court manager about it all.

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