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  1. Letter from Wonga states you will not get £50 but £50 minus 20% Tax. Hope they are not trying one on. Tell me they cant offset collected taxes against anything.
  2. Me again I wrote several times to Canada Square they will not budge - say it is their policy to repay to other companies. . They sent me the cheque minus the amount for Arrow Global who incidentally got paid before I did. What can I do now? Should I cash the cheque? Many Thanks
  3. Thanks nutter - have emailed them with that information and will have to wait for them to reply. Many Many Thanks
  4. Can anyone give me something to quote to them as they keep saying the fsa guidelines say they have to pay arrow global.
  5. Actually it is an egg debt that was sold to arrow global. Is this different than sold to a dca.
  6. Can the ppi refund be given in part to a debt that has been sold and the rest to me? Or do they have to give it all to me? Many Thanks
  7. Hi Sorry to butt in. But which email address for minicredit are you using - they never reply to any of mine!
  8. Hi Do you think you could postthe bank details on here please - Thanks
  9. Hi Does anyone have Uncle Bucks Bank Details. Thanks
  10. thanks for replies. It is on his credit file because he asked for it to be put there so credit/loan commpanies should take note and not lend me anything. He tried everything to stop them lending to me ringing up card companies but they just said sorry due to data protection we cant do anything. So his only course of action was to do this. But it didnt stop them lending to me. So I just wondered. They seem to like handing out defaults to go on credit files as a deterent but when someone genuinely is not in their right mind to take out all the loans etc they seem to take no notice of anything . But if the card/loan companies had searched the credit reference companies like they say they do then they should have seen this and acted accordingly - like telling me no.
  11. My husband has a note on his credit file about my mental health saying that companies wishing to loan me money should take note of the fact that I have a psychiatric illness - I am a manic depressive and go on spending sprees so have racked up a lot of debt in the past. What are the implications, if any, of credit card, loan companies not taking this into consideration - have I any redress?
  12. Hi Have received a letter from solicitors saying pay up or we may take action. Any advice please as to what to send them. Thanks ever so much
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