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  1. Hoorah - they took my money (£1267 inc charges and interest) , I asked for it back (and after using MCOL) they paid out IN FULL. What do I do with my court case now ??? They acknowledged on 6 March and paid up on 30th March. I assume that the defendant has admitted, and that I accept their proposal (COS I'VE ALREADY SPENT IT !!). But what do i do now??? (I don't want to [email protected] it up and let them get any money back)
  2. Here goes. I have received all the statements, and have sorted an excel sheet for the charges, copied and filled in the prelim letter - so here we go !!!! Over the last 6 years £932 charges and I won't accept a penny less. Have already migrated all dd/so payments and wages etc to Natwest so don't care if they threaten to suspend my account. Wish me luck ...
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