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  1. many thanks, would I be right in thinking that none of the banking organisations would go to the wire as they would loose and then this would set president in law for these unlawful charges????
  2. Many thanks for your advice, its all helping me get a better picture of where to go from the LBA position
  3. Thanks for your advice, I'll keep you all posted.
  4. Thank you for your advice, I'll do just that. All the best with your refund claim with the building society thats proud to be different!!!!
  5. Hi eveyone, I'm at the LBA stage myself after trying to reason with them both in branch, over the phone and then with a preliminary 14 day approach letter. my question is this, my claim is very small, only £90, what are the chances of them returning my charges at this stage in light of the smallness of my claim and if they don't how do I go about starting my small claims proceedings as I have resolutely resigned myself to being my next planof action as stated in the LBA. Many thanks in advance.
  6. I am on my 2nd and final letter before action with the Nationwide after them referrring me back to my terms and conditions and repeatedly informing me they only refund if they are in error. despite promising me that failed direct debits do cost them money and that £30 is a fair reflection of these costs, they have failed to send me a breakdown of them despite a supervisor at Electra house informing me they would if I wrote in and requested as such. The correspondence I have received to date has been pretty standard template stuff. My que is as I'm sure they will fail to reply satisfactorily how do I go about instigating court proceedings???
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