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  1. Hey Poppy! Its lovely to hear off you, its been ages!!! Have you had your baby????? Yep this thing is dragging on far too long, but one day it has to be resolved and fingers crossed we get our money when it does!!!
  2. Thanks guys! I suppose its just a case of wait and see!
  3. If this 'test case' gets to the House of Lords then what happens with our 'stays' do they get lifted after the test case because they mention that or will banks then request another stay until its been decided by the house of lords? This probably doesn't make much sense sorry, but I can't see how this test case is really going to settle anything!
  4. I would love to, but I can't:( ! Does anyone know what has happened and come about because of the petition we all signed? Coz if anyone can take that along at least I'll be there in name if not person!
  5. The case starts on the 14th and who knows how long it will go on for?! The only thing you can do is just get yourself familar with the court bundle just in case we need it, but other than that its just a waiting game:) Tori:)
  6. Obviously the above is assuming you want to send the letter:)
  7. They would probably tell you about those charges in their T&C's when you first opened the account. Helpful Bug**rs! Maybe it would contradict your offer, but really, all you've done is seek advice and thats the latest/best advice you've got, so you're using it! Your offer would then become redundant.
  8. Is the account in dispute have you wrote to Barclays asking about the charges and getting them back?
  9. Hey! Could you ring them again and ask if the 'lump sum' be paid by monthly payments rather than in one go? I'm sure they would prefer to get the money eventually rather than not get it at all! Maybe you could lie and say that you are considering going bankrupt and having all debts wiped!!! That will probably get them to except!!!!! There's probably much better ideas that will come flooding in, but its just my opinion and I suppose it wouldn't hurt to try! Good luck Tori:)
  10. My Pleasure!!! I was having a senior moment!
  11. Sorry I have obviously forgot how to quote
  12. Hey Giley quote{How will I know if they acknowledge or defend? Would I need to contact the Court? Obviously they will 'defend' or apply for a 'stay'.... }quote I did mine on MCOL and they let me know on their site when it was acknowledged, but with regard to the 'Defend' you'll get a letter from the courts, whichever way you went about starting proceedings! Tori:)
  13. Thats cool, its all really interesting!
  14. Hi Rhi! I'm in (and I'm sure others) in the same boat, the bug**rs like to keep us waiting!!! Slick said on my thread to Koala, to have a look and get re-aquainted with the court bundle just incase we need to use it! I mean we probably won't but it doesn't hurt to be prepared! Tori:)
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