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  1. Sorry, it's just soooo frustrating to be greeted with nothing but selective deafness!
  2. Thanks ever so, I like the line about at no time being prepared to leave the legacy tariff. I will try writing to them if I don't get any joy from the shop manager, who is meant to be phoning me, though I'm not holding my breath.
  3. Sorry to add to this already long saga but I guess the nutshell point I'm trying to make is that I was lied to, or at the least misled. Which is my first port of call. But if I am not able to convince them and without proof wondered whether their argument re it not being possible for them to know when the legacy tariff would end could be counted against o2? The bottom line is that the only thing I have signed is a contract stating 'legacy tariff' which, an independent arbitrator might agree, is too open to interpretation when no other information is available.
  4. Hi, thanks so much for your reply. I do appreciate that retail and online work differently, only too well now! But that is exactly why I was so careful to ensure my tariff would remain at the legacy rate. In fact it did not change to a shop deal, it was/is still an online tariff and was kept on the retain rate until my actual upgrade would have been due when it was changed to the full-price, but still online, deal. I am still an online customer with an online tariff, just not at the legacy rate. At least twice I got the sales woman to assure me the upgrade would continue on the same
  5. Long background bit - was on a £30 tariff on o2 online at a special retention rate of £20. When my phone packed up a month before the upgrade was due I went into the shop and they offered me an early upgrade. Obviously checked with the sales woman first if that would be on the same £20 rate, as I was a bit concerned about the whole switching to shop thing, and double checked it would be valid throughout the entirety of the new contract just before signing it. All seemed to be going ok until the original upgrade date came round and, you guessed it, they started charging me £30. Online cust
  6. Hello everyone, newbie here just wanting to say hi!
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