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    When they put it on the diagnostic machine it threw up 2 faults Ignition coil pack and 02 sensor. when replacing the ICP and plugs they noticed that one of the plugs had lost its end, camera used to look for bits or damage no damage to piston. New ICP fitted and plugs and it run ok for a few minutes and then the same thing again. They have advised stripping the engine down for a cost of £505.plus the original bill of 274 pounds, although they discounted that by 50 pounds, and also a 02 sensor if the engine managment light doesn't fail to clear, at a cost of 150 pounds. In total 877 pounds. So its back home and will probably end up scrapping it. Thanks again, cg
  2. CG7


    Well have got the car back, its running but still juddering, Halfords said that when they put it on to the diagnostic machine it threw up 2 faults ignition coil pack and 02 sensor, when replacing the IPC and plugs they noticed that one of the end electrode, ceramic leaving a hole in the end, used a camera to see if they could see it (advised engine strip down for missing bit and possible damage another 500 pounds, It does run with a rattle and lumpiness. 274 pounds but they gave me 50 pounds off. I am 220 pounds down and still the same problem..Anyway thanks again for your advice. cg
  3. CG7


    Thank you for your replies.... I am going down to Halfords to see if it is driveable if not, will ring Green Flag to tow me home. will post to let you know the outcome. cg
  4. CG7


    Hi, It started on monday coughing and spluttering didn't want to go, engine management light was on... managed to get home some how, anyway took it down to Halfords for a diagnostic test and they said that it was ignition coil pack. they replaced and put new plugs in, started it and it blew one of the plugs and some of the metal fell into the engine. But they want £279 pounds off me before they will release the car back to me. I just wondered what my rights are. cg
  5. H My car is not very well, struggling at low speed but if you can get it up to 40 and it goes well enough, anyway took it into Halfords to put the diagnostic machine on it and they said it was plugs and somthing to do with co2. they quoted 274 pounds for the repair. Had a phone call saying that when they were taking one of the plugs out and it shatterd all over the engine and to strip it down further it would cost another 500 pounds on top of this making it around 800 pounds. So told them the car is to old to spend all that money on it and they say that they want 279 pounds to release the car back to us Can they do this ? Is it legal. Many Thanks CG
  6. Yes thats right, she told me that the problem wasn't me but the previous tenant but I knew it wasn't me as i have been with them for the last 14 years or more and always paid on time with DD. So I now have a long weekend to await my fate on monday Promised me she would but as we know.I have no idea what I will do if they say no who else would you recommend if the worse happens. This is the downside of having phone.broadband and TV looped together anyway thankyou. regards cg
  7. Hi there, I can't believe whats happened again, I phoned them tonight and got through to this guy andy, telling him everything that has happened and he said yes i can see that you have sent in what we asked for, hang on he said I won't be a minute, 30 minutes later and to 2 other people. I was told that they still can't give me an answer, saying that they hadn't received the utility bill i had uploaded. I said but its on the same email that I uploaded for you. I now have to wait again till monday and I just said to them i need to know if your not going to supply me then i have to find someone that will, but I feel as though they are holding me responsible for someone's else problem. The problem being i think that there is an outstanding bill and they don't want to be responible for it, anyway. thanks for listening. cg
  8. Thank you for your help....I waited for them to call me back and of course the didn't and so i rang them back again and was told to send proof of my ID and a utility bill. So i uploaded a copy of my electricity bill and drivers licence as requested by them and still no reply. What I don't understand is the fact that I have been with virgin for the last 14 years, never missed a payment well its done by Direct debit. This morning I decided to see what BT and Sky had to offer, they asked whether I had moved in yet and I said no and I was told that there is an active line at the address I am moving too. I move into my new home in 2 weeks time. Moving home is so hard in itself without all of this, I feel ill and not quite sure what to do next.....help Regards cg
  9. I have been with VM for almost 14 years now, I rang them to say that i am moving house and that i want to stay with them anyway they told me that there is bad debt at the new address from a previous tenant and that they will get back to me and so far they haven't. Where do i stand with this please.
  10. Hi sidewinder and thanks very much for your reply, the road used to be a 40 zone but they changed it to a 30 zone and I am not familiar with it, just dropped my grandson off at his railway club. I did look at the dvla site but they asked how long I have lived here and I didn't know how to reply as I have lived here for quite a while although as I said the car documents are all registered to me at this address.. kind regards, cg
  11. Hello everyone I was taking my grandson to the railway club tonight and I didn't realise that I was in a 30 zone and not a 40 zone as I thought, I came home and thought I had better look my driving license out in case I get a fine from the police and to my horror it still has my old address on it from about 10 years ago. All my other car documents and log book is registered to my existing address for the last 10 years or so. I don't know what to do. is honesty the best policy. I feel very worried about this. what do you think. cg
  12. ok thanks dx. so i am within my rights to write a cancellation letter and take it into dfs like citizenB suggested saying that because they can't give me the finance etc...i have to cancel as i have no other way of buying the sofas (which is the truth anyway} If i had the cash, i wouldn't have asked for there credit.... I really do appreciate your help dx and citizen.
  13. I just want to read to you a paragraph that says "You will have 14 days to withdraw from this credit agreement from the day after you receive a copy of the signed agreement. This can be done by contacting the creditor whose details can be found on the pre-contract credit information". THIS RIGHT OF WITHDRAWAL ONLY APPLIES TO THE CREDIT AGREEMENT AND NOT TO THE PURCHASE OF THE GOODS OR SERVICES. I really don't understand the above comment, are they saying i can cancel but i have still got to have the goods.
  14. Hi all, I bought a suite from DFS last week on interest free credit and they telephoned me today to say that i had been turned down, I have no credit cards or any other means to pay for it. But they say that i have to have it now because its been ordered. I ordered it last saturday. I would have never ordered the suite it i had known they were going to turn me down I presumed they would have credit checked me at the time. PLEASE can anyone give me advice asap I feel like i am in another nightmare situation. cg7
  15. Hi had another look at his credit file today and noticed that the last payment to be logged was back in 2010 and yet he has been paying monthly and also the amounts are different there is over £1000 difference to the settlement figure that is on his credit file and what incasso are offering him to settle and so he is going to the bank tomorrow to get copies of his payments to incasso. He also telephoned rbos because he wanted to know whether it has been sold to incasso and they told him that all debts that have judgements are sent to incasso and they confirmed payments from incasso he was really worried that the money he has been paying was lost. rbos have said that they were looking into it and would get back to him. Regards cg
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