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  1. wouldn't hold your breath... took them months to send me mine - now that Santander seem to be trying to wind up cahoot, its likely to take even longer - when i did get the SAR it was pretty comprehensive - minus the records of them sending me two back dated 'notice of default' letters and and record of the account being handed to DMRS or Apex... so if this Moorcroft business continues, it'll be another SAR going in as i'm curious to compare the two to see if anything has been retrospectively added in....
  2. mmm - this one's gone a bit strange now - i have had absolutely zero contact from the cahoot clowns for almost a year now, but a series of emails from cahoot saying that the loan was transferred to Santander in March. I have now had a letter from Moorcroft 'pre-court' division saying how they will do this and that to me unless i pay up. Thing is, i have been paying a fixed amount far in excess of what the minimum payment would otherwise be for 10 months now, so i don't really know whether to reply to them or not - i haven't had a notice of assignment so i not sure what purpose this moorc
  3. hey, i think its a case that if you aren't provided with a DPS/TDS ref number within 14 days, you are entitled to 3x the deposit - there are no arguments, no matter how clued up on the law he is (which in fact, i would guess be even worse if it went to court as they should know better! see here: Tenants: Tenancy deposit scheme : Directgov - Tenancy Deposit
  4. tanks very much - in fact, i've just donated the amount on the bill to the good ship CAG
  5. Hi, Out of the Blue, i've had a letter from Three/Lowells regarding an outstanding bill. The amount (which is tiny) is from July 2003 - am in right in thinking this is statute barred and that they're just trying it on?
  6. Hi, i had three of these in one envelope a few months back, all backdated from Cahoot... The problem here is, how do you prove they are backdated, as they are usually sent by UKMail/don't have a sent date stamp on them...
  7. maybe its just worth writing to them with the usual ' i do not akknowledge this debt' letter to them, and ask them to specify under what oz law they claim to be able to enforce collection of the alleged debt. At the end of the day, if a Credit Agreement was signed, it would have been under the heading 'Consumer Credit Act 1974' not under 'CCA 1974 + any other act related to consumer credit ever created in world' (?) . If they are acting on behalf of Barclays, that would be slightly different i guess, but i would think the most they could do is as if 'they could have some money, please' on beha
  8. why not take a look at this as well: Information Commissioners - Data Protection Public Register and look up the UK company to see exactly what they have registered with the information commissioners office with regards to processing Data, it should bring up info like this example from a well known agency, which is the parent of another DCA that has, well 'No Power to Contact' ;-) : Purpose 2 Debt Administration and Factoring Purpose Description: The tracing of consumer and commercial debtors and the collection on behalf of creditors. The purchasing of trade debts, incl
  9. looking through the PDF, it loks like it is enforcable , but others may be able to spot flaws in it.
  10. Hi there, Have you asked for the CCA from Cahoot? Cahoot tend to have enforcable CCA's but its worth firing off a letter to them. Also, do a Subject Access Request to see if there are any unlawful charges on the account. Do Apex actually own the account now? Did you have a Termination Notice from Cahoot and a Notice of Assignment saying that they had passed it to Apex? I've been in a battle with Apex/Cahoot as well recently, and i really don't know who owns the debt now - no termination notice from Cahhot, No Notice of Assignment and a FULL SAR request from Cahhot which arrived recently (
  11. wel well, letter today from Power2contact - they'll be popping around in the next 72 hours.. stay tuned: csl harassment (cslharassment) on Twitter
  12. hey there, thanks for the reply - i'll wait and see what happens and have my camera at the ready if/when they do call
  13. Hey everyone, this has now been passed to CSL who have been using their highly efficient auto-dialler to call my land line / sms me. I wrote them back a snotty letter to stop calling and also the Doorstep Visit letter, as well as demanding they return the account to Cap 1. Here's todays response: On the Doorstep Visit Part, unless i've read this the wrong way, they are basicaly saying that as long as they say they are going to visit in advance, they will?!? They are also resuming 'collection activity' after liasing with Capital One, by saying that Cap 1 have fulfilled my Request
  14. I have now provided cahoot with the proof of signature (via email) and their contact centre have replied seemingly confirming that they've lost the SAR. In fairness, theyve been quick to reply and offered to re-emburse the postage cost and the 10 postal order by sending them the receipts. However, they have said that as i'm asking for a full SAR and not just statemets, it could take a full 40 days to fulfil: Dear , I have arranged for the requested information to be sent to you. As the information required is very specific I have been advised that it may take up to 40 days for t
  15. thanks, ive contacted them again about the sar - they've asked me for the proof of delivery on their side, which i've duly provided, so it looks like they've lost the request...
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