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  1. Out of the blue my dad has received a questionaire from natwest telling him he had PPI on two loans dating back to 2008 & 2009. They ask him to fill in the questionaire which basically asks if he requested/needed/wanted it. He doesn't remember. Is it best to answer with this? I think he was self employed for some of this time (short amount) but he can't remember. Any help or advise would be very welcomed.
  2. brilliant thank you so much. I gonna get her to send one special delivery aswell, just as a back up. They will have letters coming out of their ears!! I just hope she does stand her ground in the bank.
  3. Sorry to sound dumb but should the letter be sealed in a envelope? I will print 3 copies and send one direct to barclays finance take two to barclays branch (not sealed) and get them to date stamp one copy and keep that one?
  4. Many thanks, I will let you know how it goes. Just one stupid question. Should the copy she takes into barclays be addressed to barclays finance people?
  5. no PPI. It was paid in full. How does this sound? is there any regulatory quotes i can add? I recently purchased a car and was persuaded by the salesman to take out an extended 3 years warranty. As of yet I haven’t received any documentation regarding the warranty purchase. I hereby give you written notice that I wish to cancel the extra extended warranty and require a full refund as this purchase was not required and not wanted and I feel I was pressured into taking it at the time of sale and believe it was miss-sold.
  6. thanks again I don't think she has received anything regarding the warranty, this warranty was an extended 3 years ontop of the normal 5 years manufactor warranty.
  7. She originally signed on 09/09/09 so if the 30 days count then this is a very close call. I believe she paid barclays partner finance who also cover the warranty. (i think) Should I knock up a letter and get it in the post tomorrow? sent special delivery. What would be the correct thing to say? Thanks so much for your help
  8. Sorry if this is in the wrong place:confused: I'm trying to help a friend. I found out today that she purchased a brand new car. The salesman was obviously very good at his job because he convinced her to take out an extended 3 year warranty. (the car has a 5 year warranty anyway) She paid for the car outright approximately 4 weeks ago. She paid for the warranty yesterday in full by card. As she paid this off in one go after signing a credit agreement she incurred a charge for early settlement. (£200 i think) Her first payment (by direct debit) would have been due on the 10/10/09. After time to think about this (and comments from family and friends) she has decided there is no need for the warranty at all. Can she request her money back and cancel the warranty? There is a clause on her "agreement" which states You have no right to cancel the agreement under the consumer credit act 1974, The timeshare act 1992 or the financial services (distant marketing) regulations 2004.
  9. Funny you should say that, i've been there and done that. The only thing was Woolwich automatically transfered it to Barclays, none of this we are not liable rubbish. (very straight forward)Sadly not the case with this one. A big part of their defence is that they don't hold the burden (They then quote all this case law, they wont show be any contract between themselves and the OC, they say i'm not entitled to see it)
  10. Maybe a stupid question but i will ask anyway!If someone has a hire purchase agreement which was set up with company A who then sell a bulk load of these agreements to company B only a few months after they were signed.Company A don't exsist anymore and company B say they don't hold the burden part of the agreement????Now whats stopping any company miss-selling insurances or miss-selling an agreement and then selling it to another company the next day and closing down?Who would then be liable for a court claim?
  11. I am currently taking a company to court over miss-sold insurances. My claim was placed in the fast track, i appealed and have a allocation hearing soon. I have now received a listing questionnaire (pre-trail checklist) at the top of this form it says "fee #600" this is handwritten!! Has anyone received one of these or have any knowledge of what the fee represents?Thanks for looking
  12. Hi Masjntt Do not ever acknowledge any debt. As soon as you do the 6 year time limit will start again from the moment you do. Always head letters with something like "I do no acknowledge any debt" It seems to me they are trying their luck, there are lots of dodgy DCA which will purchase very old debts (very very cheaply) in the hope the debtor will acknowledge so that will give them 6 more years in which to harass you. Personally I would ignore them:grin:
  13. I have a query If a debtor has received Deed of Assignment from DCA. does the debtor claim penalty charges from DCA and will they aknowledge the claim and pay up? or Can the DCA return the debt back to OC after DoA? many thanks and great work:D
  14. i would just like to say a very well done Ian aka king of ppi. this should give lots of others the encouragement to carry on with their claims. well done
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