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  1. No written agreement regarding copyright ever existed, no verbal agreements were ever made. All of the articles I wrote on the blog are attributed to me as the author of them. Whilst the blog owner maintains she "edits" the articles before publication, I've never seen any modifications to my work word-wise, other than perhaps correcting spelling I may have missed.
  2. Hello, I'm looking for a little advice With the usual disclaimers of not being actual legal advice etc. etc...... I wrote regular articles for an online blog, took my own photographs, wrote the pieces, paid for my travel to and from the venues. Generally the articles were always reviews, of food or entertainment. Whilst the blog owner acted properly in disclaiming that reviewers were "guests of" etc.... and fulfilled all the GPRS reqs, and I did indeed receive perceived benefit through the eating, and consuming aspect,
  3. Good afternoon everyone, Currently I have Rundles bailiffs harrassing me for payment of a fine from a council. The offence was a Bus lane violation. To try and be concise, I owned a car and it broke down and wouldn't run correctly. I took it off the road and did not repair it. The tax ran out so I declared it SORN. The insurance then finished on02/09/2014 I sold the car off the driveway to a chap on 30/06/2015 I was concerned that he was driving it away(albeit slowly) without tax etc... and warned him it was his risk and gave him a receipt for the sale. Wi
  4. It sounds then that the cashier was slightly misinforming me? Not deliberately as she was friendly and helpful. perhaps she meant' that the "No quibble" part didn't apply but the statutory part still remained?
  5. In desperation for a present for my father in law yesterday, I ended up buying a Sweater for him from M&S. It was reduced from £90 odd down to about £40. Very nice Cashmere mix etc..... perfect! At the till, the cashier told us that the item was "non-returnable" and helped us check it thoroughly. In the back of my head I felt this wasn't quite right, but the sweater was perfect so I bought it anyway. Is this correct? Can a retailer discount an item and call it non-returnable? I'd accept the retraction of any "No-quibble" guarantee on a discounted item, but were it f
  6. Many thanks, am just about to email and post the appeal, so this is very useful. I'll report back as things progress.
  7. okay, this is sounding pretty hopeful! We will appeal the pcn tomorrow. Is there a particular set of words, or wording I should use in doing so? Should I make any mention at all of the correct contravention (21), or does that come later, with us presently just appealing on the base of the contravention (02) not occuring?
  8. So to be clear, the PCN contravention marked on the ticket, which says; "(02) Parked or loading/unloading in a restricted street where waiting and loading/unloading restrictions are in force. Band A. .... is incorrect?
  9. [ATTACH=CONFIG]50475[/ATTACH] The sign says, verbatim; Parking suspension 08.00hrs on the 28th of March 14 until 17.00hrs on the 20th of june 14 7 bays outside 44 to 34 contractor works keep clear My Father in law always places the Blue badge regardless, and sets the time too. Whether it's actually needed or not, habit more than anything. I spoke to the bouncer on the door of the "Free house" as I was looking at the sign. He pointed out that the sign was actually covering a 3 month period, rather than from 8am to 5pm daily bewteen those dates as I was getting con
  10. The Car was parked roughly outside the "Grill shack" 44 is the "Free house" and 34 the "Croydon pharmacy" So the car was roughly in the middle. Sorry I'm not quite understanding....... The car was in a pay and display bay outside of normal operating hours. The yellow sign affixed to the post outside the "Free house" (which is the end of one set of times) appears to suspend the 7 bays bewteen itself and the "Croydon pharmacy" of which the car was roughly in the middle. Does not the yellow suspension sign(Ignoring the lack of clarity in it's wording) overide the normal hours of operation?
  11. PCN [ATTACH=CONFIG]50473[/ATTACH] Sign, sorry for quality! [ATTACH=CONFIG]50474[/ATTACH]
  12. Ok, thanks for the info, historically was it ever a requirement? I was under the impression that it used to be, but it's years since I dealt with a PCN now. I will post up pics of the PCN and the sign shortly if anyone can take a look and see if there's anything worth commenting on..
  13. Hi everyone, My Father in law very recently got a PCN for parking in a suspended bay. To put it in a nutshell, the council had suspended 6/7 pay and display bays along a stretch of road in South Croydon, for the use of "contractors" working on some pavement improvements on the opposite side of the road. There were signs up which were in my opinion deliberately confusing, as they stated hours between 8am and 5pm, but didn't make it particularly clear that this was a continuous suspension between two dates over three months. Signs were up, but poorly displayed, twisted around or back
  14. Yes, we are making enquiries today. It appears that the person we're dealing with is an advisor rather than a qualified person, so we are hoping it's just a mistake through confusion at the complication rather than anything serious. However, there is such a fuzz of opacity held over house buying and selling and the mortgage companies that we are keen to know the legalities of it all so we can respond appropriately. We are, as a lot people are... heading into a slight corner time-wise with these sales and buyings, and we don't want to have anything that might slow the process down, so are kee
  15. My Girlfriend is selling her house, and her parents are also selling with the intention to move in together so we can care for them. Ownership would be 60% my girlfriend, 40% her parents. The parents are mortgage-free, My girlfriend's mortgage would be carried over to the new property, and form approx £130k of the house's worth of £770k. Her bank has just asked for a seemingly unfair if not impossible requirement! Her parents are to sign that they don't own any portion of the house. The house will be in My girlfriends name as she has a mortgage running on it. However, the parents are also
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