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  1. Ben ' It is easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled" mark twain.....
  2. here's the case from property chamber HIS HONOUR JUDGE BLUNSDEN -V- MR JOSEPH HENRY FERGUS..
  3. Hi GiveHimaMask i hear you going to chase them all the way ; )
  4. Hi GiveHimaMask it does make sense when you look at it we may unwittingly own shares in the mortgage ... pj
  5. Hi Apple IS IT ME and everyone else just a thought i had earlier,As you know our mortgages have been sold on to the third parties i'e bondsmen and share holders does this mean that we may hold shares in our own mortgages could it be possible ? just a thought.. pj
  6. oops!! sorry crapstone thanks for pointing it out Apple lol. pj
  7. I know this is america but it is on the same lines as here for example Acenden are using the name of preferred mortgages who went bankrupt in 2006 to re possess peoples homes getting people who know nothing about what they are doing getting them to sign affidavits for them as though they were operating still today same for southern pacific mortgages they have gone but the name lives on through CRAPSTONE/ACENDEN at companies house.., I found this on a forum of theirs... According to Dayen, the lawsuit claims that a key step in the securitization process, the physical delivery and endorsement of the promissory note and mortgage, never occurred in many cases, “forcing the production of a stream of false documents, signed by ‘robo-signers,’ employees using a bevy of corporate titles for companies that never employed them, to sign documents about which they had little or no knowledge.” The forged documents were endorsed by employees of companies long bankrupt, executives who signed their name eight different ways, or “people” named “Bogus Assignee for Intervening Assignments” so that the banks could establish standing to foreclose in courts. The end result, according to white-collar fraud expert Lynn Szymoniak, is that over $1.4 trillion in mortgage-backed securities are still, to this day, based on fraudulent mortgage assignments. exactly what is going on here... pj
  8. Seqenchi yes it is sensible advise because it does work for a little while longer getting people to stretch the truth that they have found a few more pounds from their already empty purse yes it does work.. in some cases people have been lucky to keep their houses longer than others but the problem is still there. you only have to look at America the very same banks/lenders who are doing exactly the same here are in trouble for fraud and illegally foreclosing on peoples property. While i do appreciate bens concern and his offer of the alternative advise, you have to ask yourself wether fanciful or not the applications have been accepted so there is something that must be right in the argument.I would of thought they would of looked at it and said no way this is not the case the lenders are right we know the law on the deeds who signs them who doesn't so that idea is being thrown out but it as not so what does that tell you,does that tell you they are fanciful in their ideas for thinking there must be a case ? we shall see who is right or wrong in this but i can tell you my lender as still not proven they have not sold my mortgage on and will not tell me in the SAR as its sensitive data as to who owns it now.. why do you think they are not telling me what i have asked for ? pj
  9. Hi sequenci he as told people on this thread to go and get advice about their threats of possession and not to follow the fanciful ideas.. The tried and tested method does work in keeping people in their home a little while longer a quick fix if you like which i am not saying is a bad thing but keeps people on that roundabout until they are chucked off. pj.
  10. Hi Andrew1. He as hit the nail on the head.If you notice anyone who is starting to uncover the truth and start succeeding the hate campaigns start the rumors get spread by the very people who are the one's being bought to task to misguide people and plant a seed of doubt,its the likes of ben who for all he is doing right or wrong he is definitely not one of us but one of them guiding people to go and grovel to their lenders for a suspended possession order to put them further into the clutches of the cold streets. The banks will always get a bail out and the poor will get handouts... I took something that Crapstone put in a thread in 2009 its exactly as he says. "So I have to chuckle at the regular consumer advice to approach your lender and ask for this and that.... Say this in court and say that... They have no idea what is going on and the Judges are just that -Judges-. Judges are not economic experts and just want to go home after dealing with us 'silly' people that have signed up for a lifetime of misery but it's far easier to forget the other side of the arguement and use the rubber stamp in favour of Goliath". He is correct in the fact people have got no idea whats going on.. pj.
  11. Here you go IS IT ME its mr gilroy from 2011 on morning TV.
  12. Preferred have a registered name on there but trading as yellow brick road direct mortgages ?
  13. Hi Apple think i checked this before Acenden have no authority to hold client money ... pj
  14. ok i believe you i really do but its funny i could pm xyh20 who is viewing the thread but not any of my fellow members?any way not to make a song and dance about it onwards and upwards .....i will look for the ref number Alisono thanks pj.
  15. Hi Apple IS IT ME hope your both well been a bit busy over the weekend just kept an eye on things not posted up. Hi Alisono mine should be with yours then would like a copy if that's ok..I cannot pm anyone again do not know why this is maybe the site team can deal with that issue or are we back to square one trying to force everything on to the thread again? pj.
  16. A good quote from gandhi.... "First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win."... pj
  17. hi GiveHimaMAsk not heard anything from alisono as yet ... pj
  18. huh i wasn't quoting you if i was i would of said before i posted ben..you need to decide who is singing and who isn't ben pj
  19. so it must not be true because they are not singing from the roof tops... pj
  20. bhall Basic Account Holder Cagger sinceDec 2012I am inLondonPosts626 Re: Repossession questioned by deeds not being signed Don't you honestly think that this would be plastered all over the internet by now if it was entirely accurate ? The freeman, debt free, void mortgage sites would be singing about it all day long. Instead not one peep, I wonder why ;-) Plan for the worst, hope for the best
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