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  1. Just been chatting to friend of mind who was a solicitor for 23 years he's just said ring the court to make sure the Judgement was granted !! Lots of these companies apply for judgements but are not always granted but you still get the official letter (threatogram) to make you cough up Dont know what you guys think
  2. Do you think its worth contacting United Utilities direct and see if ican get a payment plan set up with them although ive had no sucess before
  3. Thanks for quick reply !! No the Bailiff hasnt called yet ive had a Warrant of Execution letter to say he will be calling !! the balance is £744 think that is what is was before ccj
  4. Received a so called letter from Northampton (bulking office) court saying that i had had a CCJ put against my name for non payment of water charges !! and that a bailiff would be calling to collect payment !! First of all this is the first I knew about a CCJ Second United Utillies have not responded to any of my letters or Emails with my payment offers so i class this as in dispute I havent had a letter about court date (to go and fight my corner ) which i believe i should have !! Ive put a letter on my gate Removing all Implied Right of Acess to my property The letter also states i have to pay £ x amount each month .... to my knowlege this is a contract and should be signed by both parties and i havent signed anything I dont wish to deal with a 3rd party ie Bailiff and there rediculous charges Any ideas please
  5. Asked the for a copy of complaints procedure. Thanks Guys
  6. Hi All, Recieved standard threat o matic letter from Mac Hall demanding money for an old Cabot Account. Replied to say account was in dispute with Ruthbridge Ltd and has been since early June 08. This was sent recorded delivery which they signed for and have proof. They have never replied to say ok we will pass back to client They have now sent a Reduced Settlement Offer.. Should i ignore them!!! Or report them to TS /OFT for trying to collect on a disputed account
  7. Hi all, Does everyone think the letter above is ok to use as reply to Lewis The original DCA was Moorcr@p,so a little unsure how to word reply to Lewis Debt Rec. Any Ideas Chris
  8. Is there a letter which I could send to state what they have sent is bobbins and not a true copy of cca
  9. Hi All, My OH had debt with Studio Cards,which got passed on to Moorcr@p Requested CCA..Couldn't produce defaulted on 12+2+30 Passed on to Robbing Way told in dispute went away Then passed to Howard Cohen,told them in dispute never had reply back. This morning get letter from Lewis Debt Recovery with statements from Studio and CCA. Could someone take a look and see if real deal Came as blank document no signatures or ref numbers
  10. Ignore them,dont ever speak to them on phone
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