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    MR2Phil -vs- Egg

    Ok, thanks, I've had a read of that and taken the above. You say they can be obtained quickly...how do I go about that if it's different to the SAR? Many thanks
  2. MR2Phil

    MR2Phil -vs- Egg

    Hey, In the thread about how Egg are cancelling cards I mentioned that I thought I would go after them now that mine has been cancelled to get my charges back. Do people recommend that I CCA them first or fire off the SAR first? Cheers 8-)
  3. I have had an Egg card since 2003 and have accrued my fair share of charges but I always found the Customer Service team to be very understanding and accommodating (more so than a lot of other institutions). I received notice by email today that they are cancelling my card. I'm not overly bothered by not having the card, it won't have any impact on my day to day life, I don't depend on it for anything. However, I had never really been too interested in getting back the charges...I don't know why, maybe because they'd come across as sympathetic before... Do people think that it's worth shooting off the for the statements and/or CCA now? I have no idea how much I've clocked up in charges over the past 5 years but I've had successes with Halifax and Halifax Credit Card...I should probably get on with it! Do you recommend CCA'ing them first, stopping payments until I receive it?
  4. Brilliant, thanks both of you. I am moving house pretty soon...do I only have to notify the local court? I'm still going to be in the same town and that will still be my court of choice (oxymoron there!?!)
  5. Right, that's all sent. Original went to my local court, copies to Howard Cohen. What is likely to happen next and what is the estimated timeframe?
  6. Ok, thanks. I swear, if I ever win the lotto you're getting a slice!
  7. No, it just says about transferring proceedings to my local court and where to return the AQ to, no mention of any fee at all.
  8. Great, that's all done. Thank you SOOO much. Do I send photocopies to CLF and the originals back to the court? And why do I not have to pay (although that is good news!).
  9. Ummm...yes please. Thanks very much for that previous post too. Doing that now.
  10. Its the N149, Paul. FC said that this is better than an N150? Why? I have no idea what I'm meant to fill out here!
  11. Ok, so I received the AQ yesterday....what do I do with it and what does it mean? Cheers Phil
  12. Ok will do. Cheers guys. Tried calling just now but court is shut until Monday. I was hoping this was just gonna get thrown out, there's so many points where they've fallen down, as outlined in Paul's defence...
  13. What is an Allocation Questionnaire and what is the significance of it?
  14. Hi pblackie, I am having dealings with these clowns too....I sent off the CPR in mid-November and on Thursday last week (some 2 months after my request) they said that I had to pay them £10 under the SAR rules etc! Somebody else who has a similar case to me then PM'd me saying that CL Finance were taking it all the way and was unlikely to get struck out?? They were meant to get back to the court by 22nd (I think) so I guess they would have copied their £10 request to the court...?
  15. Ok, so you reckon I don't send them this £10? I just don't see how they can ask for money for docs that they are going to use against me! (That's assuming they have them, of course!) What happens 28 days from now? Do I need to inform the court of this letter I received? Thanks for your onging help
  16. Ok....today I received a letter from Howard Cohen saying that they wanted £10 (under the SAR request) before they release any information!! Surely they can't then rely on documents in court if they haven't sent it to me when I asked?! I didn't send an SAR, it was a CPR (if that's the right acronym!). Are they clutching at straws? Why have they waited almost two MONTHS to say that I can't have MY information?
  17. Ok, so I called the court yesterday and the bossy woman told me that my defence had been received on 20th December...this was actually the letter saying I was struggling to put a defence together! When I explained what the situation was she just kept cutting me off saying "No, NO, the DEFENCE was received on the TWENTIETH!"...she did say that my actual defence (which was clearly marked up "DEFENCE") was on file and had also been sent to Howard Cohen though...and that they have until 22nd Jan to respond before the case is stayed. What happens then? I understand that all they can do at that point is ask for more time? What if they never bother getting back to me or the court? Can they just send it back to GE Money and they then get someone else to start the whole thing over?
  18. No, I haven't, Andy... Will definitely call them tomorrow.
  19. Not heard a peep from the court or Cohens/CLF since submitting defence on 28th December...would it be worth giving the court a bell or just waiting until the full 28 days are up?
  20. Barclaycard did exactly that to me, but only after I paid the outstanding amount off in full...it was about £750 and they reduced it to £240 (random, why not £200 or £250?!)
  21. Ok, cheers for the advice, I'll keep an eye out on that score.
  22. Hmmmm...cheers for the advice. So far I'm just trying to keep them sweet by making all my payments on time and not missed the first 6...just another "God knows how many" to go. Most annoying thing is I went in to get a loan for £2000 and ended up getting talked into whacking all my credit card debt onto them too. Anyway, I just called them...she said "Oh, sorry, I ticked the wrong box on your letter, it was just a courtesy call to see if we can lower your APR and offer you more money"...so I was right! Sounds nice in theory but there's gotta be a catch, perhaps a hefty "rearrangement fee" or something? My chances of getting a loan to replace this one are worse than slim having defaulted on a store card debt (currently being dragged through the courts).
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