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  1. I actually teach all this stuff to my A Level students as its a great example of a company using ICT in marketing!
  2. Was just wondering what the general reaction is from people when you tell them you're challenging banks do get your charges back? The majority of people I tell say "go for it", but there are quite a few that almost have a go at me, saying I deserve it for not managing my account properly...there are also those that say I am being selfish and am helping towards the end of free banking... What have your reactions been like from people?
  3. Congrats mate!!! So good to hear more and more success stories!
  4. Now THAT is a relevant charge!! (Though perhaps no deterrant!)
  5. Ok, thanks everyone. As I said, I am paying this off, I was just purely curious (like, innocent naughty boy curious!). I made a payment only yesterday, so they know I'm still around and I'll be paying the whole lot off if/when I get my bank charges back anyway. I was more interested in the effect it would have on my credit rating being that its at a different address to the one I use when applying for financial things, but you've all answered that, so thanks again!!
  6. I tried to get my file online but they said that they were having trouble locating me??!!
  7. I sent mine off on the same day!!! I reckon we should keep in touch mate and help each other out. What do you say? You got PM anyway. Phil
  8. Thanks for your reply, James. I never use that old address when applying for anything (not that I even apply for stuff these days!). The store card is at my old address, as well as another store card which is nearly paid off and a credit card. I phoned up yesterday, just to make a small payment but didn't mention the change of address. As I said, I've no intention of not paying it as I'm scared they WILL catch up with me at some point, I was more concerned with my credit rating being affected by defaults or missed payments. So...the situation at the moment is that my loan, bank account and one credit card are linked to my parent's house. Always have been. I manage these ok...never, ever missed a payment on the loan in 3 years of payments. Bank account goes over the overdraft on occasion and the credit card is ok(ish). So when I apply for a mortgage, all I have to do is tell them I've lived at home since Year X...? I've always been on the electoral roll there too. Thanks again for your help! Phil
  9. I thought that you had already had your charges refunded, shearers?
  10. Hi! This is my first post, so be gentle with me!! I have spent the last few days reading through this superb site and have now fired off for copies of my last 6 years bank statements as a result. Anyway, that's another story (a happy one, I hope!). What I want to know is...I have a GE Capital store card at my old address which I know I have missed a couple of payments on. I haven't informed them of my new address so any letters will be going there. What happens with the debt or is a Default is issued? My bank account and credit card are based at my parents place and whenever I apply for things, I always use that address, so there is no record of me being rubbish with money at the actual place I live(d). Sorry, getting confusing!!! So...what I want to know is, could they catch up with me? How do Defaults get on your record if they don't know that I've lived somewhere else? I'm not trying to run away from this debt, I just want some questions answered out of curiosity. How many payments before GE Capital hit me with a default notice? Thanks so much for your help and, again...what a great site this is...massive kudos to its creators and everyone on here. I'm happy to be a part of it!
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