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  1. Yeah, cheers. Will do. I'm actually encouraged that he told me it had failed...could have got a dodgy MOT I'm sure...he seems like a decent bloke so fingers crossed.
  2. Hi, I paid the deposit on a car a few days ago from a dealer and was told there would be no MOT done on it as it had aa long time to run on the current one. I asked them to put 12 months on anyway and paid an extra £30 for it. I was due to collect the car today but have been told it failed the MOT on tyres, pads and discs. I'm assuming they are under obligation to supply a roadworthy car so I'm not going to see these items added to my bill when I go to pay the balance?
  3. Hi, Apologies if this is in the wrong forum, but I couldn't see where else to put it. Anyway...in February 2009 we had uPVC windows and doors fitted at a flat that I let out. A couple of weeks ago, the tenant reported that she couldn't open the back door (ground floor flat). Upon inspection, I found that the door was no longer hanging 'straight'. I did what I could with the hinges and adjusted as far as they would go but the door is still extremely difficult to lock once it's been opened. Clearly, this is a feature that should be simple and reliable. I contacted the company and the phone was answered by a lady who gave the name of the company I had used. Before anything else, I asked how long the guarantee was on their work. She replied with ten years. I then explained my situation. During this, she cut me off, rather abruptly, to tell me that the company I had used had gone bust and was now "XXXXXXX, trading as XXXX". Where do I stand with guaranteed work by the company I had used? Did it go up in smoke as soon as they were registered bankrupt, as I suspect? I know the fix won't cost much from a window and door repair firm, but it's the principle that's getting me! Thanks!
  4. Hi, When I met my now wife, she was living in a two bedroom flat that she'd owned for the previous three years or so...we tried to sell but she'd, unfortunately, bought it at exactly the wrong time...so we let it out. We had one awful set of tenants but, for the past two years, have had the perfect tenant, the sort all landlords want! We've had the odd issue with little things like washing machine breaking down, shower pump giving up etc...these were always sorted as quickly as possible and the tenant has been happy in our flat. The problems now begin though...but not with the tenant. Three months ago, our tenant reported a damp patch on the ceiling above the bathroom...this had also spread into the ceiling above the master bedroom. It had begun to grow black and mouldy. I reported this to the management company who deal with building issues and were told they would sort it. Great. A week later, the tenant texts me again to say that a contractor had been round, had painted over the mould, but that it had come back worse than before. It took many emails back and forth with the management company before they sent another contractor round to look at it. I went to the property as well this time. He looked at it and said "Yeah...must be some of that dodgy piping they got over from the Netherlands in the 80s...it's leaking somewhere else, we definitely stopped the last leak". It was like something out of Only Fools and Horses. I expected Granddad to crash through the ceiling, complete with a large chandelier...but I digress. I took a photo of the now saturated wall which clearly showed water trickling down it. I emailed this off to the management company begging them to sort it. All together, this has been going on for three months. I have no idea where to turn to get this sorted. I have no idea where I stand legally...can I get contractors in myself and bill the management company? Apparently, the insurance company instructed the contractors to do the "bare minimum"...unfortunately, I only have this verbally. My poor tenant has informed me tonight that it's worse than ever...nobody seems to be listening to me at the management company...what can I do to speed this up and put things right? Please help!
  5. Cheers...I'll give that a go. I think I'll start with Citi as, like I say, I know that they said I had to accept the PPI as part of the total borrowed. Thanks for your reply.
  6. Evening all! I thought it was about time I had a look at my old accounts to see if I've ever paid for PPI that I didn't want/need...I know for a fact that I took out a loan with Citi in 2006 in which the PPI made up the amount of the loan...if that makes sense...I know I didn't want it but was told I had to have it. Anyway, I've had more credit cards and loans over the years than I care to remember...starting around 2003, I think. All paid off and debt free these days...but I have no idea how I go about finding out who I had loans/cards with at what time and even where I was living at the time (had a few different addresses!) What's the first thing to do in my position? As far as I know, my credit details are roughly as follows: 2000 - Barclaycard, paid off in 2008 2000 - Debenhams card, paid off in 2003 2001 - Egg card, paid off in 2006 2003 - Burtons card, paid off in 2006 2003 - Halifax loan, paid off in 2008 2003 - Halifax credit card, zero balance but still active 2005 - Ikea card, paid off in 2008 2006 - Citi Financial loan, paid off in 2008 2008 - Welcome Finance loan, paid off in 2009 So...where the hell do I go from here?! Thanks for any help...I've been reading a fair few threads in this area over the past couple of hours!
  7. Thanks. I have emailed the people whose phones I used to see if they can still access December's bills and whether I can use them....hopefully shouldn't be a problem.
  8. They were made as soon as it had been taken off me (which I discovered when I received the bill). My point to the company was that I tried and tried to contact them from Spain within the 24 hour period but their system would not accept the call. I guess I could probably prove this from friends' mobile phone records but that would be a long-shot. I had hoped that O2 would clearly see that I never used my phone abroad or ran up so much as three figures a month, let alone four in a day... Any advice on how to deal with Moorcroft?
  9. Direct from O2 in February 2009. Never missed a single payment.
  10. Hey, Nothing to add here, but just checking in to lend support as I'm going through a similar thing at the moment. Best of luck, MR2P
  11. The title just about says it all. I was mugged in Barcelona in December of last year around 4am and lost my iPhone, £1250 Rado watch (which I know I shouldn't have been wearing out at night in Barcelona, but when you've worn something every day you don't really think), and £200 cash. I didn't really mind about the money or phone (was shaken up but unhurt) but was gutted about the watch as my wife bought it for me as a wedding present. Anyway, the next morning (around 10am) I called O2 to report the phone. All I got was "This number has not been assigned to this client". I received this message from at least three different phones, yet was definitely the right number. Anyway, I flew back that night (arriving at around 1am once I'd got the bus back from the airport) and called O2 at around 08:30 the next morning. They told me the phone hadn't been used. About a month later I got the shock of a lifetime...a bill for about £1150 which was almost entirely made up of calls made after it had been stolen. I had travel insurance and mobile phone insurance. They gave me £300 for the watch, which was an insult but better than nothing but nothing for the calls made as I "hadn't contacted my provider in time". I was about 12 hours late. I have been paying monthly amounts off to keep O2 happy just while my insurance company looked into it...when it came back to say they could do nothing, I wrote a letter to O2 explaining what a good customer I had been and that they could see from the bill that I could not have made these calls...my previous 24 months (ish) had been around £50 a month. I offered a settlement figure of around 50%... Anyway, I never got a reply...the first I heard back from them (around a month later?) was from Moorcroft. I've dealt with these pirates before...but I'm shocked that O2 would pass it over without even so much as replying to my letter. Moorcroft want a settlement of £780 which I can't afford or £50 a month until it's gone. Any help???? Anyone been in a similar situation? Apologies for long post...
  12. Ok, thanks guys. No, there isn't any early settlement figures that I can see and there are no charges on the account at all...paid every month by DD on time. I just can't really fathom it...unless I'm being dumb.
  13. Thanks mate....surely someone knows the answer??
  14. It's disgusting...who do they squeeze when they want more money? Those that can least afford to pay extra. I sincerely hope that every Halifax customer closes their account. Letter saved and printed.
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