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  1. Hi tagel Well finally got through to the adjudicator who was dealing with my complaint, and everything is OK. Apparently the letter was sent by mistake and was out of sync. He did explain (won't bore you with details). But yes my case is still progressing. He did say that Pinnacle had submitted all the reasons why they shouldn't be responsible and that the head adjudicator was looking into it. I also got the impression that this could take a very long time. Anyway feel better now, then what i did earlier in the week. Regards
  2. Will do tagel. The ajudicator that was on my case is not around at the moment. Reading my letter again i'm even more puzzled. A paragraph i didn't take in at the time. However, i am presently investigating the possibility of raising your concerns with the underwriter of your policy, ie the insurance company who actually provided the cover under the policy. It would be helpful if you could provide us with any information you have on the underwriter of your policy. Seem to be going backwards here. The FOS have had all my documents and know that it was Pinnacle insurance wh
  3. I know i can't understand it myself. I know Pinnacle were members of the FSA from 2001, but were not members of the GISC. I will give them a ring this week to clarify. I found this below in regards to the FOS and PPI. transitional arrangements for insurance intermediaries In issue 42 of ombudsman news, we noted that our jurisdiction has recently expanded to include insurance intermediaries. This article outlines the insurance intermediary activities that are now covered by the Financial Ombudsman Service. It also explains the arrangements for dealing with r
  4. Hi tagel I'll be very interested to see what the outcome of your case is. I also had a PPI case against Pinnacle Insurance for a loan taken out in July 2004. Pinnacle were the Insurance underwriters. Anyway my case has been with the FOS for wellover a year,and on Monday i got a letter from the ajudicator with the FOS. Which says I am sorry to have to tell you we were unable to investigate your complaint about Pinnacle Insurance Plc because the event you have complained about (the sale of Payment Protection Insurance) took place on a date before the sale of insurance po
  5. Yep Originally went after GE, but then got all the non regulated etc. I was going to give up, but it was the FOS that said i might have a case against Pinnacle as you stated above. Fingers crossed but i'm not getting my hopes up. Ive not actually read any Insurance guidlines and what they have to abide by, might see if i can find something. Regards
  6. Most of the ppi documents came from GE (First National at the time), but i believe one came from Pinnacle as well, which was a ppi policy booklet which has Pinnacle and First National names all over it. Regards
  7. OK What happened to your original ppi documents, or did you not recieve any info regarding ppi. Your case is similar to mine, and have recieved a letter saying that the case will be going to an ajudicator, which could take 4 weeks due to high volumes of cases. Regards
  8. Hi Beachcomber Did your case go to an adjudicator at the FOS, or did it not get that far. Regards
  9. Hi dogowner Fill out all the form. A - Yes B - straightforward - your local court if its not there already. C - small claims track - YES D - 0 E - no F - straightforward G - Other information - ''Following the recent judgment by the Supreme Court (25th November 2009) Case [2009] UKSC 6 (On appeal from: [2009] EWCA Civ 116 ) it is extremely likely that further litigation will follow, either between the OFT and the defendant or otherwise to generally decide the issues. I therefore respectfully submit that it would be appropriate for the Court to apply a gene
  10. Hi Dogowner I myself have just sent back an Allocation Questionnaire, as Nationwide filed a defence soon after the Supreme Court Judgement. Nationwide didn't mention anything about the judgement in its defence. Have LSTB filed a defence?? and does in mention the Supreme Court judgement??. I believe you can still apply for a stay on your AQ which will give you a bit of breathing space to see what the OFT intends to do regarding the test case basically. And you never know the bank might pay up if they know you intend carrying on. Its totally up to you, and you might want to take
  11. Hi Does anybody know if there is a form or document for objecting to an Application Notice for an extension of Time by the defendants. Basically ive had an ongoing case against Barclays regarding missold PPI. This has been ongoing for over a year, and has even been through the FOS. With help from the FOS, Barclays agreed to get in touch within 4 weeks to make me an offer. After 8 weeks and 3 telephone calls to Barclays an offer never came. Finally i got fed up and decided to go through the courts, Barclays had to file a defence by the 17th today. Barclays have now applied for a
  12. Barclays Update Had a letter from Barclays solicitors (Simmons & Simmons) this morning. As you are aware, the defence in this matter is due on the 17th December. The claim form in this matter raises complex legal issues. Further our client requires more time to retrieve all of its documents relating to this matter. On those bases, it is unlikely that our client will be able to file its defence by the due date. In order to save both parties the additional time and costs involved in applying to the court for an extension of time, please confirm that you will agree to grant ou
  13. Hi Everyone I recieved a Notice that a Defence has been filed from the courts today regarding my bank charges claim against Nationwide. I have recieved an Allocation Questionnaire to fill before the 29th Dec also. Am i right in thinking that we now have to amend our original claim documents regarding these charges. Any help would be appreciated. Regards
  14. Thanks for the reply 42man I was made redundant in January this year, and although the PPI ran out in August this year i didn't make a claim, as i read that if you was to make a claim i wouldn't be able to go for misselling. I went to the FOS about PPI misselling against GE Money, they claimed it was the broker (TLC - The Loan Company) who was responsible for the PPI. TLC also claimed they were responsible but as they were not registered at the time, there was nothing that could be done. The FOS wrote and told me the same thing, but said i might have a claim against the Insura
  15. Hi Beachcomber60 In the same boat as yourself, FOS told Barclays to get back to me with an offer within 4 weeks, anyway 7 weeks and 2 phone calls to Barclays later i still hadn't had an offer or a reply from them. Eventually got fed up so i issued an N1 at court for PPI Premiums + Compound interest and 8% Simple. They have until the 18th December to file defence. I will let you know what happens. Regards
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