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  1. This topic was closed on 03/06/19. If you have a problem which is similar to the issues raised in this topic, then please start a new thread and you will get help and support their. If you would like to post up some information which is relevant to this particular topic then please flag the issue up to the site team and the thread will be reopened. - Consumer Action Group
  2. Quick update. I received a phone call yesterday from Shop Direct's legal team offering a full settlement!! Had to keep my cool on the phone to stop myself shouting out with relief! Can't really put into words the dread I was started to fill with at the thought of actually going to court. Just awaiting the cheque in the post now and then I will let the court know and get my hearing fee back again. Many thanks to all who have offered me help and advice in the past few months.
  3. I sent off a CCA request in June after reading many of the littlewoods threads on here where it seems in all cases littlewoods do not have signed credit agreements by their customers. They sent me back a credit agreement signed by me 5 years after I originally opened the account but before I had got any charges. It seems I am the only person to have one!! As to whether it is compliant with the CCA 1974, I am unsure. But this is why I have gone about reclaimimg the charges as it seemed the only route I could take. I am also confused as to why they didn't file a counterclaim with their
  4. I have paid the hearing fee and am hoping that they will settle before this goes to court. I will however be prepared to go to court if it comes to it. I have to file all documents that I intend to rely on in the court case by the 13th October. If anyone is able to help and advise me on what I need to do then it will be very much appreciated.
  5. Hi CitizenB, Thanks for your reply. The letter i have from the court is dated 3 days after my AQ should have been in by. It just states that the statements of the case and AQs filed have been considered and the claim has been allocated to the small claims track. I have a hearing date of the the 28th October at my local county court and need to pay a hearing fee by the 23rd September. So far all I have filed with the court is my original claim form which states as follows... Particulars Claimant has had an account with the defendant Account number ********* which was opened
  6. Hi Again, I really need some more advice as I think I may have messed this up somewhere along the line!! I filed my claim against Littlewoods/shop direct at my local county court and it was deemed as served on the 10th August. Shop direct then filed a defence but no counterclaim on the 21st August which I received notice of along with the allocation questionnaire. Their defence is as follows... -The defendant confirms that the claimant has operated a running credit account with it, which the claimant has used to purchase goods on credit from the littlewoods catalogue. -The def
  7. Thanks so much Martin and Scott, you've been a great help. I will follow you advice and file with the local court and keep you posted with any developments it goes. Thanks again, lesley
  8. Hi, Its Littlewoods catalogue so its Shop Direct. Thanks, Lesley
  9. Hi Again, Have sent Littlewoods an LBA and the 14 days is now up. I have had two letters from them, the first to tell me they are investigating my complaint and the second to say they've investigated it and all the charges still stand and as far as they are concerned that is the end of the matter (this second letter was addressed to me but had a different name on the actual letter and a list of charges that aren't mine aswell as an account balance of £80,019,765.00!!! Now I know I don't owe them that much!!) Anyway in the meantime they have also been ringing me dail
  10. Hi again, Sorry for being so lame! I don't know why i've managed to get so flustered by all this. I successfully claimed my charges back from my A&L account and several credit cards a couple of years ago. I reckon my brain gave up working since having a baby! Anyway thanks very much for the advice and I will read the other threads and just get on with it. Thanks again, Lesley
  11. Hi Scott, Thanks for your reply. Can I actually take them to court to get my charges back if I haven't actually paid them? I'm not sure why they have a credit agreement signed by me in 2005. I think I reapplied for littlewoods catalogue around then because I needed to buy a washing machine and I thought my account was closed so they must have sent that out to me then. I must say I don't really remember but its definitely my signature on their credit agreement- I nearly screamed when I opened the post the other day! I'm really not sure what I should do but I definitely cannot afford
  12. I am having some difficulties with my littlewoods account and really need some advice. I have had the account since march 2000 but stopped using regularly in 2003 I then began using it again in 2005. I have since then had several late charges and admin charges put onto my account which I have totalled up to being £158.00 at present. I last paid them any money in January when I realised my outstanding balance totalled slightly less than the charges I had been given over the past 4 years. I sent them an LBA but never followed it up as I didn't know if I could take them to court to get the charge
  13. Thanks agin for your help. I am sending the letter today so I will let you know how it goes.
  14. That letter sounds like its exactly what I need!! I've been looking around for it and I can't find it either. Whereabouts was it??? Thanks very much for you help, Lesley
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