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  1. Hi Guido, it makes my head spin thinking about it!!!!!! I have finally spoken to DG who assure me that even if HSBC credit my O/Drawn current account this will have no bearing on what we have already settled and signed for, it is purely administrative therefore it will credit, then debit immediately no matter whether the account is O/D or not. If it did otherwise they confirm that the agreement will have been broken . Therefore the settlement agreement still stands. You would think a bank would have access to a cheque book without all this faffing around!!!!! I am going to fax DG just
  2. Hi advice needed if poss, I'll fill you in; Claiming £3000 from HSBC, after a bit of to-ing and fro-ing concerning old defaulted account and loan account (which they wanted to pay off with the settlemen), I signed their agreement that I would accept £2200 in form of cheque and £800 to go to the account itself which is closed and with Metropolitan Collection Services. They now have sent me another letter saying that in order to raise a cheque they have to credit and debit an account (the only accounts that still remain with HSBC and are open are a current account and an ISA, neither
  3. Hi, did do although when I got my old statements out found the acct was 780 o/d so told them happy for them to pay that off but want the remainder in cheque, so now just got to wait n see. Otherwise will see em in court!!
  4. Can anyone offer me some advice, I have recieved an offer from DG which I am willing to accept. However, I am currently waiting a court date and ..... they want to pay the money into an account which is held with Metropolitan collections, this relates to a loan and not my old current account. When I defaulted on the loan they passed it over to MCS and closed the current account (the current account was not in debt it was a NIL balance). Obviously I want a cheque and did stipulate this on the court papers. I feel as the charges relate to my current account and not the loan account I am wit
  5. Oh, I have the same issues with Cr*p One!! Funny I owe £568 as well!! Got a very similar letter and have been debating what to do about it. I missed a couple of payments and like you the charges etc sprialled out of control. I re-claimed the charges (settle for half back) and wrote to their payments department to arrange payment of the remaining balance which they did not reply to, sent another, which they did not reply to and they issued a default and passed the debt to Bryan Carter Sols. I wrote to Cap One stating I felt that this had been dealt with unfairly as clearly I had tried to c
  6. Hi, yes 2nd claim on a different account. They paid up after 2nd letter on 1st claim obviously 2nd claim they're digging their heels in but its my money not theirs!!!! Opened a new bank account a while ago only use HSBC for Direct Debits why give them any more of my money?!! Keep you all posted on what happens next. Good Luck with your claims
  7. Amount Claimed - 2041.00 plus interest and fees. Thats it AQ filled in today, very nervous about what will happen next but no pain no gain!!!! Wish me luck. Sending a copy of the charges to DG sols as well just to push it to the top of their pile hopefully will receive offer before court. Will let you know.
  8. I am in the same situation!!! They defended claim at last minute and I have been sent a AQ which I have to fill in and send back by 16th. One problem I don't get paid till 20th and am skint can't afford to pay £100 out what shall I do? Also DG sols haven't asked for a revised charges schedule should they have done?
  9. Hi, just joined. I have been sucessfull in claiming back charges on one of my HSBC accounts after only 2 letters to them. Starting claiming for account number 2 for £2,550 in November and now at Court stage. HSBC submitted a defence at the very last minute and now I have recived allocation questionnaire which I have yet to fill out just been looking on this site for inspiration!! I am really scared it will go to court can anyone offer any encouragement or words of wisdom that has got to this stage?!!
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