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  1. hi paula i got the same on saturday a list of charges and dates so just sending prelim letter today
  2. dont worry skeggs they will pay you your money as i said just keep checking your account cause they dont tell you.They just tell the court that they have paid you in full not long now:D
  3. hi there sergeant just done a quick calc on vamps statutory and comes to 976 ,will prob do this one as its easier or is contractual better thx jeff
  4. hello all just got a letter this morning from monument saying they have credited my account with the 10 sar request as a goodwill gesture and a page and half of my charges and dates {how kind of them} and the usual your t&c,s blah blah blah.so now onto prelim letter and wait and see what next, claim is for £800 plus interest. anyone else at this stage jeff
  5. thx guys i still got my receipt when i sent them the letter cancelling the ppi as i sent it special delivery, so i will just phone them and say i cancelled ppi so dont have to do anything else. will keep you all updated thx again jeff
  6. thx hell i couldnt beleive what they said and will be going in on monday and telling them were to go
  7. hello all took out a loan with these guys in november and decided to cancel ppi in december, 24 days exact now they are saying to come in and work out another agreement as the loan apr would have been higher.can they do this or can i tell them to get lost. any advice would be helpfil thx
  8. hi amarsden this is the start just keep checking your account, next should be refund of charges well done
  9. hi all just sent off dpa for these two, recorded delivery do they drag it out over the forty days. i thought it was time to get them before this new ruling is coming out or is this untrue.i was succesful against n/wide so thought it was time to do it again . will keep you all up to date when things happen
  10. just keep checking your account, they put money in dribs and drabs like they did to me
  11. hi libby send all letters to that address all recorded delivery and keep to your timetable not theirs good luck i claimed back 4900 but they will close your account so open a new one
  12. hi cornucopia did you know you can claim 125 pound if they close your account
  13. hi gazza and dolly you will get your money usually within 10 days of court claim i got back 4900 9 days after court claim hope this helps
  14. ceaser


    hi all just looking at the activity on mortgages i had a mortgage with gmac and got stung for 26 late payment charges could i get these back .they were 50 pound a time many thanks
  15. hi all my story so far ive won back most of my charges but still have an outstanding balance of about 400 i received letter from court saying i have until the 13 feb to proceed or not as n/wide said they paid the claim in full.i phoned up n/wide saying they have paid me short but they said my dates are wrong and to send in paperwork to sort out the dates.also on some of my statements i got charged 10 pound for unauthorised overdraft fee can i claim them back aswell because i didnt in my original claim any advice will be very welcomed
  16. hi pjd145 you were right i got my account with citibank just recieved pack but not sure what comes with the account wait and see next few days
  17. pjd145 thx for that,im not interested in overdraft as well hope i havnt mucked it up. n/wide just closed my account so have to get a new one by 10 feb
  18. hi pjd145 i just sent off my id and pay slip when i read the form it said payslip was for overdraft but on the booklet it didnt i will wonder if they offer me an account on this
  19. hi sarah any luck with citibank as i have just applied to them as well
  20. ceaser

    Lu v Nationwide

    hi lu1 i had the same letter as i am 800.00 pound short so i just ticked wish to proceed with claim and just waiting now
  21. hi ken im in the same situation as you mate im 800.00 pound short so i just signed the form saying i wish to proceed with the claim as they havnt paid in full so stuff nationwide why tell them they know what they are doing wait till the time is up and just enter judgement by default then you win again:D
  22. hi tune got the usual defend letter then paid up 4 days later
  23. hi all just took on nationwide and won i cant believe it myself :o im new to this as much as most of us but just follow the step by step and you will prevail.the people on here offer all the advice you need so a BIG THX AND RESPECT TO YOU ALL.full refund of 5100
  24. ceaser


    Hi all Im calling on all you noble people, your emperor is back!!!! to take on the might of these so called banks.Well what i hope to do anyway.have just done mcol against nationwide for 4800 looked in my account recieved 900 in cash credit what happens next please anyone could tell me thx
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