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  1. Just after some advice really... My Grandmother has had a Grattan book for as long as we can remember. A couple of weeks ago she asked me to have a look at her statements as there was something on there she didn't understand, it's something called "Complete Care" and currently it's on the last 6 month's worth of statements at roughly £50 a pop. She rang Grattan and they said it was to protect her if she ever fell ill and went into hospital. My Grandmother is 79. She has always been a housewife and hasn't worked since she was in her 30's... She currently receives several benefits
  2. I do believe that one was last year (Very) and Additions was the year before - is there any point in sending a CCA really?
  3. Okay, do you have a link to the one I'd need to use? Would I have to change anything on it as it's a catalogue agreement? Also, I haven't been in contact with them to tell them I am having difficulty, do I simply just send the CCA and wait? I believe I signed up for both of them online.
  4. A CCA is the same as I would have sent a credit card company isn't it?? Sorry, it's been a while since I needed to log in here! I assumed a catalogue would be different somehow....
  5. I have only ever had dealings with credit card companies and banks in the past, but since I lost my job and have been surviving on JSA things have gotten a little more tricky financially to say the least, especially as I am now 20 weeks pregnant and trying to buy things for a baby in between all this. I have been keeping up with the payments (Additions Direct and Very) and was okay until November time, when I started getting into a bit of a pickle what with Christmas etc. I owe roughly £450 on each catalogue and now with me being in arrears and them slapping on all the charges they c
  6. That's the problem, I did go there an awful lot but unfortunately the communal gardens are all around the back and that's where half of the problem is!
  7. All done and dusted! Taking the keys back tomorrow and will return to the housing list. They have said they will try and sort out the antisocial behavior there too... I feel sorry for whoever they give that flat to.
  8. I have recently been given a lovely little flat from my housing association. They don't work on points, they work on priority bands and registration dates, all very 2010! lol I signed the shorthold (starter tennancy agreement) with the housing assosciation last Wednesday, the agreement is for the tennancy to start on Monday, 19th April. I received the keys when I signed, and have been in the flat the past few days cleaning and decorating (not moved in yet). Well, to say that I am worried is an understatement!!! It seems that my downstairs neigbour is a lover of very lou
  9. I have been on long term sick since September, I am now wanting to hand in my notice (4 weeks). What happens with regard to sick pay/money owed/wages etc? I have never handed my notice in whilst being off sick before. My GP will still be writing me sick notes whilst my notice period is going on, so will I still receive SSP or will I have to work my notice period?! Any advice will be very much appreciated, thank you.
  10. I have been with my company since May. I am not on any kind of probabtionary period and am on a full contract with private healcare entitlements etc. In this time period I have been given some extra responsibility and was given a ncie pay rise. I also received a bonus (as did all employees) after a couple of months (they dish them out quarterly).. Anyway I have ben off sick for the past four weeks. Work have seen how ill and poorly I have been. I am being signed off sick by my GP and am under a private Consultant with our work healthcare scheme. I am due to have some 'investigat
  11. I have recently started a new job after being on JSA for the past few months. I have not told my new job I was on JSA as I didn't want them to know I had been unemployed all that time - never looks good on a CV does it. Anyway I have a P46 to fill in and give back to them - but what I want to know is are they going to find out via the tax code that comes back that I was claiming JSA etc? I am a single person and was always on a single person's tax code before when I was working. If someone could shed any light I'd be grateful, I am worrying now!
  12. I cancelled my card the minute after I knew they had done it, I am not asking advice about any of that, I am asking advice as to what happens now BC have said I cannot deal with them as the debt was passed to CSL. Because of what CSL have done I do not want anything to do with them, yet I still owe this money.....
  13. It says above what happened.... That my bank got the money back. No DD or SO they took it from my card when they weren't meant to be holding my card details. I just need to know what to do now.
  14. Hi there Some of you may remember this thread... http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/debt-collection-industry/181501-help-dca-taken-money.html Well today I finally got a reply back from Barclaycard today, very apologetic letter but basically saying that as they have some passed the debt on they can't do anything to help me as they now have nothing to do with the debt. They advised me to contact Citizens Advice and the FOS - I have contacted the latter but haven't heard anything from them, so am a little suspicious as to whether they have received my complaint against
  15. My nan has been in a bit of bother with MBNA recently, I have sent CCA requests and default letters on her behalf. They have sent a hotch potch CCA to her which is when I then sent the default. They are now getting very nasty and my nan is worried so pleaded with me to write them a letter offering them reduced payments of £65 a month. I wrote to them and did this for her under protest! Anyway yesterday they rang her (I have sent telephone harrassment forms and they haven't rung for weeks so she thought it was safe to pick up the phone) and said that they wanted to come to some
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