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  1. thanks feater, thats great:)
  2. I have today received SAR information, what do I do know to reclaim back lots of bank charges? Abbey have already sold this account over to Moorcroft who are chasing me for the money, I wrote to M/C and enclosed my final bank statement from Abbey showing the balance at nil, they have written back saying that they are collecting on behalf of Abbey and it has to be paid, they have out my account on hold until 3rd Sept. What do I do know?
  3. I have received a statement from Abbey stating that the amount owing has been written off! am i able to reclaim any money I have already pay them through the Debt management company it went through?
  4. date of write off was 4th April 2007, been paying moorcroft for this over past 2 years.
  5. I sent Abbey an SAR which they have not yet sent all the details, but today I received a statement from them showing that the outstanding balance had been written off, this is great but I have been paying this debt through a DMP to moorcroft for the past 2 years, so if Abbey have written it off will moorcroft still chase me for money? do I send Moorcroft a copy of the statement showing the debt written off? any advice would be great.
  6. this is confusing.......... I sent a CCA to commercial collection services in February, they sent back my chq saying they could not supply the information, I then received a letter from Network collections about the same debt who I CCAd and they wrote back saying they could not produce the documents requested and returned my chq, now I have received a letter from Charles Howard & Partners about the same debt threatening Pre-legal notification, so I CCAd them too, the thing is I have now noticed that all three of these companies have the same address, what are they playing at? Charles Howar
  7. cheers Fendy! I feel stupid sometimes when I put the wrong thing in the wrong place but like you say it takes time to get used to it all.:o
  8. I have received a letter from Abbey saying that they cannot provide me with the info I asked for (SAR) because it is more than 6 years old, they have sent me some duplicate statements but they don't really show alot certainley not all the dates charges were applied on my account, so what do I do now? how can I claim charges if I don't know for sure how much and when they were charged???
  9. thanks, still new to this, not yet got the hang of where to go and what to do!!!
  10. I have had a letter from Abbey saying that they cannot provide the information that I have requested because it is more than 6 years old, thay have sent me some duplicate statements but they don't detail anything really only the amount overdrawn and the date account was closed. What do I do now? how do I claim back charges if I don't know the exact amount and dates they were applied to my account?
  11. Thanks for your comments, they have really helped!
  12. Thats what I thought, I have done a letter stating that following our telephone conversation i enclose copy of recent charges and when they have confirmed that they will refund these too, then I will sign the acceptance letter and send it to them.
  13. phoned them, they have said that if i send them a copy of recent charges with dates they will refund them too. am i walking into a trap by signing their acceptance letter and enclosing copy of recent charges?
  14. in 2 minds what to do, whether to ring up and query the other charges or just to accept this claim and than claim the rest later, no conditions included on this offer, they will refund back into my account.
  15. Success! I have today received a letter from Natwest offering me a full refund in charges. However since I put my claim in they have charged me more charges, if I accept this offer will that stop me from claiming the second lot of charges??? what should I do??
  16. Natwest have not replied to my prelim letter and schedule of charges, what do I do now? is it a LBA???
  17. Thanks Fendy, they have already refunded the money back into my account.
  18. they were included in my original claim.?
  19. I had to phone my bank the other day as I was overdrawn due to charges and they kept ringing me, the bloke I spoke to was very helpful and at the end of our conversation the bank agreed to refund £150 of charges applied to my account. nothing was metioned about the prelim letter that i have sent the bank along with my statement of charges, but i am now worried incase the bank says that this is the amount I agreed to settle on, can they do that??? have I shot myself in the foot?? any advice would be grateful:confused:
  20. claricestar.......... have you got it in writing from connaught confirming that they have closed your account? if you have then send them a copy of it, this is what I did to EOS when they sent a letter after confirming acc closed. hope this helps!
  21. surprise............ try the address i posted to.
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