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  1. I've had good advice from the Trading Standards who have decided to get this guy.he calls he's self a private seller but adding-up his sales of vehicles since Nov 2nd is £35000, some private seller.I think the tax-man will be interested too
  2. Hi thanks for your interest,the car is a 1999 A6 bought from indy dealer who sells from his home. The reason I drained the fluid was to check the colour,if black then something must have been burnt in g/box usually through hard driving.By the way I'm a HGV mechanic and have a bit of knowledge. Thankyou
  3. I bought a car on the 16th Dec.& it broke down on the 23nd. It lost all the drive from the automatic gearbox.I got it back to my garage,drained the fluid from the gearbox &found it to be black instead of red which meant somethink was burnt. I priced the repair from a specialist & they estimated the price at £1765.I then contacted the dealer I bought it from & he said it wasn't he's fault & it was 0K when I got it but I told him " after one week it shouldn't have broke down".After a few moans & groans he said give me 2 or 3 days & I'll get you another gearbox, the 3nd day is tomorrow,I'm not expecting much.If he gets me a gearbox it is a 10 hour job by people who know, and how would I know if the gearbox was any good and it would cost about £500- £600 to get fitted. Can anyone give me some legal advice, it would be greatly accepted. Thankyou.
  4. thankyou for accepting me into your group,Iwas browsing the web forsome advice and came across your site. I read some of your questions and answers and found it very helpful and interesting. Ihave a problem my self which Iwill share with you later, thankyou.
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