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  1. dont complain then mate. Difference is here they have requested the original order back, so i guess it stands on different ground, i would expect they have so long before they cant request the goods back as well.
  2. Yeh, courier is arriving tomorrow morning (or today which ever way you look at it ) and parcels are being exchanged, the wrong for the right. Tis a shame in a way, the wrong order was a rather great order lol, i envy the persons who are receiving it now ive gota save for it as its tempted me, but wont be buying from this company
  3. Isiris, thankyou for seeing my point of view there, that is exactly what i meant, At least now i know where i stand, courier has been arranged to drop off my order and pick up the wrong one.
  4. LOL, yes or people that actualy know something about the law, Worryingly the people ive been talking to are from all ages 17-47 all in different professions, its kinda worrying that they to thought i was in the right.
  5. Yeh i have done, I guess the thought of getting somehing for free because of a mess up was to good to be true, just anoying, because where i work, if you mess up you pay for your mess. After being pointed to the CAB website and many of my friends instructing me and telling me what i wanted to hear i guess i lost sight. Still its better to be safe than sorry and i certainly dont want a criminal record, most definatly not for theft, its just not worth it.
  6. I was victim of a simular incident. My card was cloned after using it at the local Tesco Cash point, along quite a few other people, one of my friends had nearly 2 grand taken from her account. When they took my money it put me into an overdraft i didnt have, so i got a phone call from HSBC the next day asking why i was in my overdraft. Basicaly they took 50 quid installments from my account on a saturday night untill they could take no more, this happened other end of the country. I assume you have spoken to the police, the police required me to get all the details from th
  7. Retailer has been informed of the situation. So your telling me, that if i report a threat of breaking the data protection act wont get a blink of the eye?
  8. Barracad, you have done exactly what ive asked, quoted what i needed to hear. I will be contacting the retailer to let them know the times the parcel can be collected, seeing this is the best i can do. I will still how ever be making a complaint, for the manner in which he spoke to me, even though i was in the wrong, he still should not have resorted to threats.
  9. ive not said in any email that i will not send them back, originaly i was fishing for maybe a bit of store credit or something for the hassle of my time, (due to my working hours waiting for a courier to come and collect a parcel is not an option, im rarey in to receive and normaly have to travel to the depo soon before it closes) i was hoping by showing him my rights and saying i was glad i know knew where it had came from would maybe get a different answer other than threatening to tell some guy my details so he can come knocking on my door, it was after that threat my mood completly changed
  10. For accepting goods delivered to me, with no details other than my name and address written on the front?
  11. Morally i do not think that i should keep it, like i said this is out of character for me, what im simply saying is, according to my rights posted on the CAB website it states i have the right to keep or dispose of goods. The law doesnt work on morals. The original reciepent will still get his goods, thats not an issue here, as for the nature of the site i assumed it was a discussion forum here to help people. im not after a free buck, i would return it and probably will when i can, but due to work this wont be for a few days at least. Im seeing a solicitor on monday to get the law c
  12. the CAB website doesnt mention unsolicited goods, read: Buying goods - your rights -electronically through the internet, e-mail or digital television my right: -to keep or dispose of any goods you receive but have not ordered. If a seller demands payment for goods you haven't ordered, you don't have to pay for them or return them. that says to me, if i recieve goods from them i didnt order i can do as i wish. The whole attitude from them i think has been bad, i lost my moral grounds to return the parcel the second they threatened me. ive tried my best to be formal wit
  13. Thanks for your reply, So im confused, according to the CAB website im within my rights to keep it. Ive recently recieved an email from his with the PDF form of the Small Claims court form, where hes filled in the details of his claim, hes said in it that ive received my original goods, but i have not? so surley he is lying to the court system as well? Im really confused, and dont know where i stand
  14. Im currently in a simular boat, But im not a company whos received goods, so the law is on my side, well at least i belive, i would love some help please see my thread: http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/general-consumer-issues/56443-received-wrong-goods-where.html
  15. Its the sellers responsiblity to prove the goods got to you, If youve not received them, and they sent them via registered mail they can claim compensation from the postal method they chose, if they sent it un-recorded and it was lost, they are still responsible. You are right in giving them a letter informing them of 7 days. At the end of the day the duty for the product to be received by the customer is the sellers responsibilty.
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