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  1. Don't know if this will be of any help but I have been fighting Samsung about a washing machine that I bought 18 months ago with a two year warranty. It developed it's fourth fault the week before Christmas phoned them they sent an Engineer who had to order a part etc, still hadn't seen him again by 3rd January so I phoned them and told them I wanted it replaced got the usual junk "we can't do that etc". Yesterday (Saturday) decided that I had had enough so I wrote a letter stating the problems and sent it to Argos (bought the washing machine through them), Samsung, Trading Standards and Watchdog, and stated in the letter that I was sending it to Trading Standards and Watchdog and e-mailed this at about 10am. I got a phone call from Samsung at 2pm who said that they had spoken to Argos and Argos have agreed to give me a replacement washing machine, we will wait and see, someone from Argos is phoning me on Monday. I wonder if this is a coincidence or whether the threat of Watchdog or Trading Standards did the trick. Battle number one hopefully won, the next one is my Bank Charges!
  2. Thanks for that I have never used chat rooms etc before, not actually ever registered with anything apart from on-line banking and shopping where do I find the RBoS forum?
  3. I didn't realise that so many people had the same problem with banks, it seems like they change the rules every month so that they can catch you out. My problem is with the Royal bank of Scotland, it's not so much the bank charges although I would like them back, it's the fact that they are wrecking my credit rating by not paying things. Also there was a time when they would pay things and you went over your overdraft limit and you got charged for that but now it seems that they would rather not pay direct debits because they can charge you more money for that - has anyone else had the same problems?
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