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  1. could you point me in the direction of this bit of the forum? I'm finding it a little hard to navigate.
  2. thanks. I probably will pursue it. I feel let by down them. I've had this accounts since i was 11. I'm not aware of any other charges. i doubt there have been any.
  3. Hello, sorry for the slightly negative title - just trying to grab attention. Basically I'm about to be charged £100 for going overdrawn during december and november. The charge is due to go out next saturday (13th Jan) and when I called to try and get it waived I was offered £50 off the total (it was originally £150) - they said this was because it was the first time it's happened (which I find hard to believe). Now I appreciate that compared with what some folks on here have been charged £100 is a paltry sum. But it's not paltry to me, I'm a temporary worker getting paid weekly (hence going back and forth over my limit) and £100 is the bulk of my take home pay for the week - and surely the bottom line is they shouldn't be charging it to me in the first place? I've been informed that no human being on the phonelines is willing to drop the fees in full and so I have to write to the Arlington Address - the reply will be within 8 weeks, they say. So in short I have two (and a half) questions: 1) does anyone know of another way of trying to get the full charges waived before they're taken out? the clock is ticking. 2) if i can't sort this then is it worth pursuing for a mere £100? i feel like i'd almost be insulting the people who've been charged so much more - also have i prejudiced my claim by accepting the £50 waived already? I did so before looking at these forums. thanks - and good luck to all who are claiming. I actually work for a bank (not HSBC) and know exactly how much admin work goes in when an account goes overdrawn.... it's precisely 0. best rbb
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