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  1. Well they have sent me another lovely letter, this time full of details which mean naff all to me. They now say they are collecting on behalf of Phoenix Recoveries Ltd who I have to say I don't think I have ever heard of. They mention 'repeated requests for payment' lol quite amusing as this is my 2nd letter from them and I've had nothing off Phoenix...amount is for over £1000 I can only think it's a very very old credit card debt. How amusing...do I still ignore? Or shall I ask them to prove etc? I'm waiting for another one to my husband who in all honesty hasn't really had any debt in h
  2. Letter N in the templates section here: http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?20758 Send it recorded delivery, don't sign it just type out and print your name, send off and wait to see what nonsense they come back with. In the meantime as the debt is in dispute they cannot take any action and DCAs (Debt Collection Agencies) don't have any powers to do anything anyway, so don't worry we'll see what they come back with.
  3. Consumer Credit Act agreement, this will be the agreement you signed when you took out the loan/credit card etc with all relevant terms and conditions, apr and your signature etc
  4. Have you sent a CCA request or have they provided you with a valid CCA?
  5. I am SO glad it's not just me that thinks this LOL!!! FREDRICKSON INTERNATIONAL LTD
  6. LOL!!! Me? Run? Never hehe! I do have a very fuzzy head from various shenanigans last night though
  7. Hehe! Just wanted to make sure Bookie! Also realllly wondering what the debts are even for....does PHO ring any bells?
  8. Okay back on track with this now, had a few more letters from lowell, nothing new just the usual. Sent off the SB letter on the 25th and it's been signed for so we will see what they have to say. Hopefully it is SB if not I can drag things out until it is and besides it won't have a CCA anyway.
  9. Hubby got a letter a few days ago from Fredrickson as follows: Dear Mr **** We have been instructed to collect the outstanding balance on the above account. We have made tracing enquiries for confirmation of your current place of residence and information has been received confirming that your address details have changed to this address. Please contact us immediately quoting the above reference. Now the odd part is that there are no details at all on the letter aside from a reference number starting with 'PHO' it doesn't say who the debt is with, where they have got i
  10. Hi, thanks for that. I know what Lowell are like from past dealings. I only ever send things recorded, shall print orf the letter now. Thanks for your help all and I shall report back on what they say
  11. True but I can drag it out anyway, I bet you down to the ground they won't have a CCA for it so they probably can't take 'action' anyway. Thinking about it further, if I did send the SB letter and say as above it had been 5years and 10 months, would my sending the SB letter mean I have acknowledged the debt? Also who would I be corresponding with? I'm guessing Lowell as La Redoute are saying to contact Lowell from now on....
  12. Fab, will get onto it today I assume I send it to Lowell? Maybe a cc to La Redoute?
  13. Ah well it's been a while, some time ago I had Next and Studio catalogues (yes I was silly when younger and got too many catalogues) chasing me and also a neighbour of mine who I helped out. I sent off CCA requests and got the usual nonsense blank application forms in reply. To which I explained if they can't prove the debt is enforceable then I will not pay. They went to DCAs who I explained the above to and even they stopped and I've heard nothing since. Now totally and utterly out of the blue La Redoute (part of the RedCats company) send me a letter (in my maiden name) which I receive
  14. Hiya Used to be on here a lot and after a lot of problems and hard times am back and ready to get back into the game. Had a few more charges since getting my £3.5k off natwest all that time ago. Just seeing if anyone remembers me lol! Am gonna take it slow and easy and read everything like a good girl
  15. Well the next and studio accounts are at the same stage really both been passed onto another DCA and still sending letters....can anyone let me know if we should be replying to any of them? I wouldn't want this to get to court stage and for us to ook like we were simply ignoring the debt, although maybe as we have already told next and studio that they have not provided a signed agreement - this covers us?
  16. Do you know i've still not heard a thing.....is this usual?
  17. Okies well sent off the SAR a bit ago and got a reply last month saying that the ref number from Thames was incorrect, they cannot find the account details and we need to provide them with an account number and sort code. So it seems they are unable to locate, I think my only option is to write back giving them some more details as hubby has no paperwork relating to this account...
  18. Nah i think that letter is too far removed from what i am trying to get through, i think just a simple, account in dispute with LTSB should do it just so they are aware and if any action is taken by Thames in the meantime (which i very much doubt) it will probably take so long that i'll be at court stage or the test case will be over lol! I just could have sworn i'd seen a template for an account/amount in dispute...
  19. Cool have read round a few and also showed some to me neighbour who is happier now but what is her next (no pun intended) move? Ignore the DCA? Wait for it all to go to court? I myself have got a similar thing going on (in fact almost exactly the same situation) with Studio, they say blank agreement is fine and now DCA has the debt and is constantly sending letters...do we just wait and wait?
  20. Hi all Just a quick one, they're collecting on behalf of Lloyds TSB for my hubby, we thought it may have been SB but turns out is only 5 years since acknowledgement, but we do know for a fact the entire balanc is purely going to be made up of charges. Of course we will start a claim for the charges to LTSB but what do I do with Thames in the meantime? Obviously he's just getting the standard 'we don't care what you say give us the money letters...its not SB etc' at the moment... I've look for a letter but would it just be as simple to state to them that the amount is in dispute
  21. Okay so i think i am right in that we claim as normal as see where it goes? I can't see anything being said to the contrary, need to get some printer ink and then i can print some letters out and get started, I presume I will also need to tell the DCA the amount 'owed' is in dispute?
  22. Eeep been away myself for a bit, this debt has now been passed to a debt collection agency, have searched on here for 'next' but it keeps on coming back with nothing lol feel a bit thick today LOL!
  23. Okies so have a letter now from Incasso saying is basically a Letter Before Action and they will commence Legal Action (probably rubbish i know) in 10 days if he doesn't contact iQor with payment or reason why he's not paying....durrrr thought we'd already done that!!! Any ideas what to send now and to who? I'm getting a little confused!! TIA
  24. Aww lol thanks paul i might just do that, poor thing lol shes not as tough as me hehe! Will look for some next stories on here
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