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  1. Well it seems they are chasing me for an Abound account which as I recall is a catalogue company. It may be touch and go as to whether it is SB, I am sure most of it is charges as I don't remember having a high credit limit with them at all. Hubby is also getting letters but he's binned them lol he thinks they said Abound as well which doesn't make much sense as catalogues aren't supposed to let you have 2 accounts at the same address normally although Home Shopping Direct let us do this...I think I will be sending the prove it letter once they send me and hubby another letter. Is the prove it
  2. Thanks for the info guys. Stalin, it's only simple if you have the facts Much appreciated, I don't have any debts with any of my bank accounts and rarely use the RBS one thankfully. It's more a back up. Interesting news though.
  3. I'm confused, also not sure why this is in the DCA section but has anyone got any more info? I have an RBS account, is something really bad going to happen if/when this happens or is it a case of knowing what our options are?
  4. Thanks Scott, can anyone advise my neighbours next move? I had dealings with Next and with Cabot but they went quiet, seeing as 3 different DCAs have popped up in as many weeks for me and Cabot again for my neighbour it wouldn't surprise me if I start getting ones about my old account as well! Why do they all seem to act at the same time? I've had nothing for ages! Anyway blank CCA so is the next step to send a letter, ignore or make a complaint to the OFT, TS etc?
  5. You send the CCA to Crapquest, sit back and wait for their reply. This will determine where you stand with Barclaycard and what action to take next.
  6. You say no but then say you asked them, do you mean over the phone? If so then send the CCA letter 'N' here: http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?20758 and the required £1. Don't phone them anymore, keep everything in writing.
  7. If you say there has been no contact or payments made in over 6 years then the debt should be statute barred, this means that they won't be able to follow a legal process to recover the money. Not sure on the specifics on the credit file side of things. I know that a default or CCJ can stay on your credit file for 6 years. A sure someone else will be along to assist more but if there has been a clear 6 year gap where you have had no contact and not paid anything to anyone then it's SB.
  8. I can't help much but I think others will need to know the details of the claim, who the original creditor is etc, are you able to scan up the particulars of the claim so someone can have a look (blank out any personal/identifiable info)?
  9. Yeah they should be easy to get rid of, I am sure there won't be an agreement for this one, I'll get it sent off soon and update when I hear back. Thanks for the advice peoples
  10. Remembered earlier that I can look at historical statements online and I did indeed make a payment on the 19th March 2005 for the amount they say....is complaining still the best option now?
  11. Ah will do, thanks muchly!! I thought it seemed very odd, then again sneaky underhand tactics by the losers doesn't surprise me one bit!!
  12. Okay so letter arrived today from Lowlifes: "We would advise you that the Limitation Act 1980 Section 5 is not applicable in your case and would refer you to section 29 (7) of the Limitation Act 1980 which states ".......A current Period of Limitation may be repeatedly extended under this section by further acknowledgement or payment." Your last attempted payment date on this account was dated 18th March 2005 for a payment of £xx.xx. We trust this clarifies the situation and look forwards to receiving your payment proposals." Now this does tie in and I knew it would be close if
  13. Well my neighbour came round the other day and mentioned that Cabot have been writing to her regarding this which she was amazed at. I asked her to bring over the paperwork and currently have a load of threatograms from the past 2-3 weeks. She sent them the embarrassed letter like I told her to 2 years ago to another DCA and they have come back saying we have been in touch with Next and here's your valid CCA - black application form and terms again, no date or anyones signature anywhere. Reading back on Next's replies they really are amazing saying that the ICO agree with them about not even n
  14. I'll have to dig out an old credit file or get a new one to see or CCA them but I think it was around 2005, am pretty sure any catalogue accounts I've had I have had the CCA to sign and send back and never did as they had already opened the account and made it live anyway, why would I waste a stamp lol. I'll see if I can find any info and then CCA them
  15. I'm not 100% but around 4 or maybe 5 years ago. I applied for me and also (unknowing to me) hubby applied with the same group. They opened accounts for both of us which really surprised me! His account we never really touched and as the balance is low and we keep it low the repayments aren't that high, I try and pay more than the minimum in an attempt to get rid of it and not ruin his credit file. Mine however has now got to the point where it's impossible and run away with itself. As the PP said because I was a model customer for years I'd get letters every 2-3 weeks with offers, treat yourse
  16. Looks like a load of nonsense to me, what was it you sent to them?
  17. lol I got that through the post today as well, Vanquis Visa card right? With it's horrific APR. It's an application form not a CCA.
  18. As far as I know an application form isn't a CCA. Can you scan and post up what they sent you (hiding any personal info) so someone can assist further.
  19. Thanks for the advice people Nah I never let these idiots worry me, way back when I would have but not since joining CAG years ago lol! I won't be sending them £1 as that's for a CCA and I don't even know what I'm asking for the CCA of!! I'll wait it out and see what the idiots have to say next. Still mega intrigued what they think my husband owes!
  20. Okay so after years of being a good girl and not getting in any debt (mainly didn't have much choice really as my credit file is shot) I have managed to run up a catalogue debt with HomeShopping Direct of over £2000 the repayments are massive now and I lost a big contract in June (I'm self employed) also my hubby had his hours cut down and we also lost another source of income (lodger). Basically we're kind of stuck right now and after seeing the mahoooosive interest they slap on each month I'm wondering what the heck to do. I did ring them a while back and they said I can miss a months p
  21. Yeah it's in my maiden name, I got married in June 2005 so it's before then, could be touch and go as to whether it's SB. Think a lot of my debt from kinda running away from it when we moved in July 2005 (not that I condone that or suggest anyone else do it) so I can't be 100% sure that it's SB....maybe sending back with 'not known at this address' is the best option as well technically it's true lol! I think it could be a credit card debt that would have started amassing early 2005 so not quite SB....I'll leave it and see what they send next. Is phoenix a DCA too?
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