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  1. Yes please read the FAQ's which state: Q. I was charged on an account that I have closed XX years/months ago, can I still claim for my money back? A. Yes, regardless of if the account is open or closed, you can go back 6 years.
  2. That is the only dept I have dealt with. I sent the DPA Request there as it is the dept mentioned on the address for the DPA Manager in this forum. Let us know how you get on!
  3. Okay here goes letter version 2! LOL I write to you with regards to your letter dated 10th March 2006 in response to my Disclosure Request under the Data Protection Act. I will require a Full Subject Access Request and enclose authorisation from Mr J xxxxxfor you to proceed and provide the details requested in my letter dated 9th March 2006. I would also like to remind you that you do have a fiduciary duty towards me under which you are obliged to exercise the utmost care in the accuracy of the complete list of transactions and charges I requested in my previous letter relatin
  4. I was told this at the start but was advised on here to get the full DPA as it shows all places where a manual intervention may have taken place. But now I'm confused, I just want to get on with it! LOL! Might just get the statements and take it from there. Honestly sometimes I read that much info on here it blows my mind and I come up with garbage like my letter above....
  5. Ah right, I will amend my letter to reflect this, many thanks.
  6. Natwest have replied very quickly to my DPA with the following: ".....I will be happy to arrange for the bank statements you requested to be sent out directly. The fee for this is £5. If you require a full Subject Access Request (SAR) the fee for this is £10 but does not normally include bank statements. Also if you require a full SAR we will need authorisation from Mr xxxxx........." So I have drafted this reply, please can someone have a read and see if it sounds okay? Dear Ms Tudor Re: Data Protection Act 1998 Disclosure Request I write to you with regards to yo
  7. I too have sent my DPA to My Lyons, the address is in the Sticky Post at the top of this forum already, along with the other addys we have for them.
  8. Thank You BF, I refuse to have an o/d with them so even if they did shut our a/c down I wouldn't owe them anything. Was just a bit worried about the loan but see what you mean about it being separate. OH has opened a new a/c and I'm in the process of doing the same so we have other options if needed!
  9. I'm in the process of going after Natwest with my joint account. I know they can close accounts down etc but if they did this what would happen to my loan? Would the whole amount become repayable? Also can they shut an account that technically belongs to 2 people when only 1 of them have taken action against the bank? Or would they use the excuse of right to close any account blag? TIA
  10. I found this on Natwests website. Unarranged Borrowing* If you exceed your arranged overdraft facility, or if you go overdrawn without prior arrangement: this is in addition to interest payable as detailed Unarranged borrowing details of the dates these fees are applied on can be found in our leaflet 'A guide to Personal Current Account fees and interest' £28 Unauthorised transaction - Unpaid If you go overdrawn beyond your agreed overdraft amount, we may return your cheques unpaid, or be unable to pay a Standing Order or Direct Debit Unpaid fees are applied at the time the
  11. Does it make a difference? Have people experienced delays with using registered, ie: recorded/special delivery? Is it better to send registered in case of a claim? Many Thanks in advance!
  12. Great stuff, I will use the letter the library. Will keep the forum updated too! Many Thanks!
  13. Oh no now I'm confused again! I have spoken to NW and they say it costs £5 for statements no matter how many you ask for. I take it thats it better to ask for DPA as they will give you the Manual Intervention notes then? Think I will request the DPA notice for £10 instead then.....true moneysaver me trying to save a fiver! LOL!
  14. Good to know. Am gonna ring them in a mo for my statements! Hurrah for BAG!!!
  15. Sorry I read it wrong had a v stressful day. Won't do it again! Have posted on MSE to the same effect too.
  16. Hi there I'm in the process of getting my charges back from Natwest but my Husband joined the account about 3 years ago making it a joint account. My question is that do we both have to claim for the charges or can I do it alone? Thanks in advance!
  17. Oh ta very much, will request the statements and take it from there. I terrified how much there is gonna be, me and my OH are guessing aroung £2k!!! :O
  18. I only ask as the Natwest only charge £5 for as many statements as you want but the DPA request is £10. Is there a difference? And would it look better if it went to court if you had a DPA request? (Hope I have put this is in the right place as I got told off last time )
  19. Thought it wouldn't take long for me to do something wrong on here. I don't understand why you are saying I've done this ALL THE TIME either? I'll start my own thread along with the one cakey made I suppose.
  20. I don't know yet. But I do know that if you ask under DPA you will have to pay £10 but if you ask for 6 years of bank statements in one go then its only costs £5.....does it make a difference? Would the DPA info and the statements be different and does it matter if it went to court??? I mentioned this a few times but no answer! Anyone???
  21. I have rang Natwest today and been told they only charge £5 per request no matter how much! Sadly I don't have any monet in my account atm but will be going in, paying the £5 and getting my 6 years worth sent. No need for the £10!
  22. Done it to me for years, usually for unpaid DD's and Card Misuse charge where they let me use my card even though I'm o/d already and have no o/d facility!
  23. Do youhave an advantage Gold account with them? I have and they lump the £10 Ad Gold charge with an unarranged borrowing fee of £28 all the time! Its really confusing too as it doesn't separate it and it looks like when you ask for the DPA it will still lump it together so it would be really hard to work out what your actual charges are......
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