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  1. Helloooooooooooooo! This one for hubby but im kinda dealing with it, sent off CCA on 15/10/07 and very promtply got a response today with a letter i cannot make head nor tail off it is complete gobble-de-gook if im honest (and i've read through some rubbish in my time). And they erm seem to think that a standard CCA signed by them with no other information on it, ie hubbys name, address, and of course most importantly A SIGNATURE is ok..... advice from here? lol Letter telling them they haven't fulfilled the request and he deems it as a closed matter? TIA
  2. hehe okies well SOA - erm no i don't think so and NOA is that the same as a deed of assignment? and is that where they inform you they have bought the debt? if so then yes got that at the end of august.
  3. Tsk not sure if i have it, oh well is no bother to me anyways, idiots could have sent it back uncrossed or given it to charity (okay now im losing my marbles pmsl). Can someone clarify what an NOA or SOA is please
  4. Letter rec'd today, postal order enclosed, saying they are not obliged to send me the CCA but have asked original lender to do so (how kind of them, my heart melts as i type). And also oh so kind of them to send back the postal order....but, whats this? I sent an uncrossed one, now its got Cabot Financial scrawled on it...does this mean i can't cash it back? I wonder if they have an apprentice to do that for them all day? I can't wait to hear from them again, but then again if they have no obligation, erm should i be dealing with them? Maybe i will have no obligation to ring them as
  5. lol i am sure i can gather what it is going to be hehe! just a shame its got delayed due to the strike tsk
  6. Yes i assume it was sold to them as i did get a deed of assignment. Anyways its been 12+1month now, anyone got any ideas how to remove the default?
  7. Ah has been sent off now with £1 postal order
  8. LOL! Sorry guys i've left this so long i had other fish to fry hehe! And thanks for the welcome and i don't mind the waffle im used to it anyways am printing out my CCA now (yes eventually) obviously have had the other lovely letters from Cabot plop through the door bless them. Well keep you better informed lol!
  9. Hiya guys it eventually went in last weekend, what a joke eh?
  10. Rang again today i have no idea why though as they simply cannot tell me whats going on so I informed them i would be making a complaint to the ombudsman to which i was told 'ok then'. They couldn't care less if they tried really.
  11. Its a shame this has been moved here cos i haven't even had my money yet and still don't have it and they just CANNOT tell me whats going on, time and again i just get told they will chase it up and i've been told the same just now. So do I make a complaint to the ombudsman now?
  12. Okay got told it may go in later today or weekend, I don't really see the point in the chase team tbh when they can't really check anything, only repeat back what they're being told to say. I'll leave it until Monday and will have to kick off (nicely of course) then.
  13. Got a call back to say it will be credited by the end of the week.....still nothing. On phone to them now
  14. Lmao just rang to be told they recieved our acceptance on 7th August and she said it should be into our account within 21 working days which is pretty much up. She was rather apologetic and took my mobile number, said they would pass it over to HQ and get someone to ring me within 5 days. Everything I do with this bank gets cocked up I am so gonna dump em soon lol! Good job I don't get stressed easily tut! ched
  15. Still nothing, this is beyond a joke now, I'm ringing them in the morning.
  16. Oh well I may as well join you lol! Have done some research and seen this was defaulted in 2005 so need to get it sorted out. Letter was recieved last week in my maiden name asking if i knew anything about a debt owed to barclaycard, ignored it and waited for next letter which came today saying they have purchased the debt. CCA will be sent off soon will keep you informed. Anyone give any advice on how to get the default removed as well if they can't provide the CCA?? ched
  17. It is a long time i have to agree and i said well have you even had my letter to which she replied that they don't make a note of whats coming in. Utterly pointless in ringing them imo... Not only that my banking is now upto date as of 28th and still no credit (i'm presuming they may credit the account) if they send a cheque i'll scream cos the last one i had took 2 1/2 weeks to clear, yes their OWN cheque!
  18. Its ok got the old letter and rang them, she said I would have to wait 23 days from the date i sent my letter which was around 7th (i think lol) then to ring if i hadn't heard anything or got the money. So another week or so to wait, they just love dragging things out don't they? Tsk...
  19. Hmm over 2 weeks since we sent acceptance off and nothing yet, is timescale still 10-14 days? Do they pay into the account do we know?
  20. Okay took me about another week (think it was 13th) to send off the CCA lol anyway got a letter back today saying they have requested the documents from Littlewoods and they will have them soon. Then they bang on about a pilot scheme where they will knock 75% off the amount owed but I have to accept in the next 10 days! They also say there is a default on my credit file! So im gonna ave to look into that. And what do you mean by take my signature off it? You mean to make a fake CCA well they'll have a job cos I have got married since!
  21. I would also like to add that having worked for Gas Electricity and Water utilities that I am stunned they are threatening to cut you off for missing a payment!!! Months if not close to a year and zero communication would have to occur for this to happen. If they persist and aren't co-operative then contact Energywatch who can liase with them on your behalf. If you have children there has to be serious reasons for any utility to cut off your supply even if you're not paying as they will be putting children at risk. Also like Hedgy says get all of your salary and benefit paid into another
  22. Hehe sounds like a good idea to me! Shoes ahoy...................!
  23. Whoop i got the letter i wanted Same as before but revised as per the test case that i don't have to fill out section B (£10 fee, close account or cash account) and offering the full £164 I think in a way they know this is sneaky and underhand so are backing down a little, think the test case has scared them possibly?
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