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  1. Update: Heard back nothing to date. Absolutely nothing, more than two months later
  2. Forms delivered to ML at 9.57am today and signed for. Will update when/if they reply
  3. Three forms in the post first thing this morning from HK, should arrive by Monday and will be notified on delivery. Will update here when I get a reply from ML
  4. Thank you. I will return ASAP and update here when I hear anything back
  5. Sorry, I'm not with you, I'm not hiding from anyone, just asking for precise advice on filling out the forms: do I give a HK address or not? And where do I state that I am now resident of HK? Thank you and everyone else here for helping
  6. Thank you dx100uk for that A few final queries, just to be absolutely clear: Are you recommending I do this form three times - once for each alleged debt, tick box D on each and state: I dispute this debt because..I am not resident in UK and have been a permanent resident of Hong Kong since xxxx ? And do I need to tick/add anything else like box I and a request for further documentation? Also on address/details etc at top of reply form should I just leave that blank and put Name and Reference Number only, because obviously UK address is not
  7. My mother is in her 80s and very poorly, lives alone and just home after a serious illness for which she was hospitalised for weeks. I really don't want her bothered by any of this. Grateful for advice on how best to proceed. I can return PAP reply form(s) disputing claim if that buys time.
  8. Hi I have received not one but three of the same PAP letters (just different amounts and details) from Moriarty Law, allegedly for three different ADCB credit cards taken out in UAE in 2009 for a total debt they claim is now almost 200,000 pounds across the three accounts. I think I may have had one credit card from them, but there was nowhere near that amount outstanding, if anything, when I left the UAE for good on September 30, 2010. There is a difference with my case, however and I need some advice. I have lived in Hong Kong since 2012 (I am a per
  9. Just discovered this site. I, like many have been ripped off to the tune of thousands of pounds by Abbey and credit card companies over the years. I intend to get every penny back with the help of this great site. Will spend the next few days compiling evidence. Luckily I am a bit of a squirrel and have all my account statements so will not need to put in a request to the bank for a list of charges, just need to go through every statement myself. I'll keep you all posted as to my progress. Thanks again for a great site.
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