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  1. Great result - as you say 2k for 2 stamp must very special stamps WELL DONE !!!!!!
  2. Well done mate, Nice touch wae the Managed loan as well Enjoy the PS3
  3. No SD, You can do it in you own timescales I left my MCOL for Nearly a month Do it as soon as you can - the sooner you file the MCOL the sooner you get reunited with lots of your long lost friends £ £ £ £ Oyster If i've been helpful in any way....then tip my scales over there! MCOL Filed 26th Feb 07 Defended 26th March 07 PRT @ Cambridge 13th July 07 1st May Full Offer:grin: Cheque arrived 16th May
  4. Well Done Mich!!! Your turn next RHS very very soon !!!! Oyster
  5. Hi Jon Yeah send to MCOL Northampton Address quote your MCOL REF send them three copies with the POC and a breakdown of you charges. Also to DG evey 14 Days
  6. Well Done You can modify this to suit Like Crusher Says thats very very naught of them i can only imagine how stressful that must be!!!! Oyster
  7. Hi Jon, Well done so far, if you have filed the MCOL you should have sent of the relevant copies to the court, you should also send copies to DG ever 14 Days DG will probably put in a Defence noting to worry about. this is the boring part just read plenty on the site so you are upto speed on what's happening Oyster
  8. Cheers Peeps. Oh look!!! What's this it another letter for uncle Colin asking for my money back for 2000 -2001 charges. LOL:D Oyster
  9. Hi Peeps Anybody got a nice letter to send to the courts to notify DG have settles up and had no actual intention to attend in the first place, wasting the courts time. If so could you drop it in here please Oyster
  10. Well Done Kat I paid my cheque in to the bank this morning Great Feeling.. Oyster
  11. Hi Dark I got the Intend to defend routine then a date for PTR for 13th of July Bang!!! 1st May Offer acceptance sent on the 8th, Cheque arrived today the 16th It wont be long now you are nearly there. Oyster
  12. When you get the Date Just kept sending a nudge every 10-14 days You are nearly there!! Oyster
  13. The things people will do to get their hands on a PS3... I am going to go for a couple more claims at least. PS3 V Bank Bashing :grin:
  14. Ray I GOT MY CHEQUE TODAY !!!!! Three Months ago I never thought it possible I am going for More !!! Oyster
  15. Easy Tiger slow down ...... It won't get that far even if you did need to prepare a bundle you still got loads and load of time If you've given them the 14 days after the LBA then just go straight to MCOL. You've already demonstrated that you've attempted to sort is out reasonably so whatever happens next is on their own heads. I would strongly recommend you read through this a couple of times it is step by step you will have all the information to hand this has to the easiest bit so far in the process just follow the instructions, then relish in the fact that you have roll
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