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  1. I think as you responded as the owner of the vehicle you are accepting the offence, it would be difficult to then change tact later as you notice a mistake on their part.
  2. Michael Thanks for the response and yes I will review the info before proceeding with anything but I do have some experience in matters like these. I spent 5 months of last year pursuing Homebase then the Argos Group and then subsequently GUS following a faulty kitchen that was installed at my property so when I act I am thorough and fully informed of the law. I won and thery paid me the cash I demanded and corrected the faults but it took some time but it was obvious they they had less understanding or care for the law than I did and at some fairly senior levels. I will take some time to view the site as it looks interesting thanks again
  3. Hello All I have just found this site as I am thinking about sticking it to the Halifax and Woolwich who have both continously charged me even when I have not been overdrawn. Very intersting. Looks a good site yellaman
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