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  1. Thank you. I tried the link but it didn't seem to be the place to make a Carter payment so I have sent an email to Lowells.
  2. When I spoke to the person at the court it was more of a query than anything as to what we should do so on advise I stopped the DD. The judgement claimant is Frederickson International.
  3. The idea to stop the DD was because Brian Carter would no longer be acting therefore the payment should not go to him (or them). The next payment would normally be going out on 1st October but to where? Who could I ring for the right info and how can I reinstate a DD if I do not know who I should pay.
  4. Thsi is the history of it :- October 2009 - DMP set up with Egg debt but different DCA November passed to Carter so initial payment to set up placement on DMP 2010 No action on Egg debt with DMP simply being passed around April 2010- received papers from Northampton court and given time to reply Case already presented to Court and CCJ made out by court for £10 weekly on the first of month Wrote to court to Say He'd replied in time therefore could it be overturned Court said sorry but no 30/04/10 Fir
  5. I don't think my son would consider himself a cash cow exactly and for the most part my wife, his mum, has got whatever debt lessened that she could. In fact she did defend one claim via MCOL for him and that was statute barred, so farewell to that. With this one he received the court papers and she responded in good time but they had already put the claim into court and she was unable to get anywhere with her correspondence to the court. We realise these debts are bought for much less than they actually are but once the courts have it, the fear of imprisonment takes hold.
  6. Sorry, what's the OC. Have to say if it's Egg there's a fair chance there were lots of charges on it. He didn't get a chance to defend it, we were going to work with the DMP which he had other debts on after the breakup of his relationship but before we knew it, it was presented to the court even though we replied in time. We wrote to the court but we couldn't do anything about it. If though a Direct Debit is being paid to someones bank account how can it still be paid if someone else is acting.
  7. The Letter is a notice of Transfer of Proceedings and info that the CCBC Sol is no longer acting, there is nothing else on the letter but the claim number, the claimant ref, the defendant Ref and "To all parties". The number at the bottom of the letter is N271. Also if Carter has not been acting for so long where has my son's money gone? Also, an offer was made by Carter on 18/08/2012 to pay 60% but we did not have the £1420.42 that was required, this was a reduction of £946.93 and since that time he has paid £770 so one would think that he shouldn't be expected to pay too
  8. He's had purely the letter of transfer of proceedings but he does not want to pay to Brian Carter money he's clearly not entitled to. The CCJ was put in place in 2010 after my son informed him that the a debt management plan was in place and he had paid an initial payment. Obviously he does not want to get into any trouble with the court.
  9. Hi My son has had a letter of Transfer of proceedings on a CCJ to our local court from Northampton. This has been paid monthly since 2010 by Direct Debit to Brian Carter. The letter does not mention him but Frederickson International Ltd as the 1st claimant, this was for a debt on an Egg card. I realise he needs to get in touch with the court but is it permissible to cancel the Direct Debit that is going out to Carter on the first of each month? The letter was dated 30th August 2016 and a payment was already paid on the 1st September. Thank you in advance.
  10. Thank you for your reply, sorry I am a bit late with this. I've managed to get all the post and emails into PDFs regarding Bryan Carter, Arrow Global and Moorcroft Debt Recovery. Somehow they became out of chronological order and I don't know how to remedy that but I think you'll get the gist. As you'll see we tried to repay the debt but nobody wanted to deal with it at the time on the DMP. Our son was earning about £400 more a month at the time. Th DMP is over and done with apart from the fact that Bryan Carter put on through he court even though a small payment had already been made to set
  11. My sons Virgin Money account was set up and accruing over the top of his limit, when his relationship broke down in October 2006 and he came back home. He was expected to pay the telephone bill and maintainence for his son and they were also asking him to sign over the deeds to their home. This all hit him badly and after a bad bout of depression, and eventually returning to work, he lost his job of 7 years. At first I couldnt get him to deal with his debts, as he recently put it he was in "a bad place". He was out of work or only doing telesales for most of
  12. In October 2008 my son set up a Dmp with CCCS, on which was an Arrow Global debt ran by Bryan Carter. By December they were not dealing with it and apparently did not know who was. On 03/12/2008 a letter was sent to MBNA to see if they could advise but got no reply. On 09/02/2009 an email was sent to Arrow Global to advise who would be dealing with the DMP. The reply was to forward any correspondence to :- 15 Old Bailey, London, EC4M 7EF after this again no reply. A letter dated 24/11/2009 was received from First Revenue Assurance and another on 14/12/2009 offering a reduction. It was n
  13. We have tried to reclaim our sons bank charges as we feel that the banks lead him into much debt in the first place, resulting in a DMP which includes paying off a court order. They say they acknowledge the financially difficult situation but as regards the "Unarranged Overdraft Bank Fees" they will not uphold this aspect of the complaint but have sent a complaint reference form and number and a Common Financial Statement that we have to return with it. Our claim obviously was for unfair bank charges. Are they trying to baffle us by changing the wording or could it possibly imply that he may
  14. My wife didn't notice that link when checking the online statement for CCCS, she usually checks everything as she doesn't always trust those who are seemingly trying to do you a good turn. Smiling vipers she calls them, along with Tony Blair.
  15. Thanks cerberusalert, we didn't realise that was the case. My wife has got some letters of authorisation lined up but as it's Saturday will be getting in touch with the CCCs on Monday about a couple of problems. She'll have a full day of agravation by the looks of it as a couple of payments have not been made and some have been confused. It's a good job she's got the patience, I definitely haven't.
  16. My wife is currently managing the DMP and according to the CCCS these firms may still add on interest, she is getting more and more ticked off and is prepared to withdraw from the plan and do it herself because one or two of the debts keep moving to other collestors and by the time she has paid the single fee to the CCCS a payment has gone to the wrong place.
  17. How do the DCAs actually take on debts from say a bank or credit card company? I have tried to PAY OFF a debt for my son but the bank will not actually speak to me unless he is there, and guess what, they always ring at the wrong time. The Halifax leave endless automated messages or use the "push the button" method of enquiry. When we get to the date of birth bit we are advised that it is illegal to pretend to be the customer. Meanwhile they are putting on charges and interest above the amount my son is paying in through a DMP. The balance is growing larger, this is criminal.
  18. Hi there, The halifax (who are not negotiating on claims at the moment- supposedly) have asked my son to return the part payment they paid into his account. Granted, he did send the letter saying he'd accept this only as part payment and if we did not hear from them in the given time offering the full amount we would return the payment and take them to court. In light of the court case he does not want to return it, obviously, cos he might not get it back. Is he within his rights to do this? I feel he is but would welcome any input.
  19. My son was offered half the amount of bank charges he was claiming and said he would accept this as part payment with a view to claiming the full amount. The usual, reply within two weeks was sent, but before the bank could have received it they had placed the cash in his bank account. With the test case now going on and all investigations stopped he is making his court claim, but does he calculate the 8%, on the remaining figure, or should he return the money and use the origional figures? The risk here is that he could lose the £677 he already has. Any ideas?
  20. Thanks for that , my TV mag said tonight.
  21. According to the Sky tv guide there is football on tonight on BBC1 and not Whistleblower. Does everyone realise.
  22. My son has just received his statements for his joint account with his ex girlfriend which has been closed. While my son is quite happy to share this amount for the sake of his son, we're not sure the sentiment would be reciprocated even though she is responsible for the split. He has debts so he would be grateful to get any payment. Are they both legally bound to share the money, and if so how would it be paid?.
  23. Thanks folks Sent the letter off and received the statements yesterday (23rd) so have now sorted out the next stage. I'm appalled that in some months or even a week they were taking over a £100 in charges, a criminal thing to do to a young family. Next thing is to take the claim form to the court for my sons personal account. That should be fun.....
  24. Hello everyone, This is my first and very grateful post. You're doing a grand job here and the site has already been very helpful. I'm actually doing this for my son who has recently split from his girlfriend who lives in their joint property with their son. The mortgage was formerly paid for through a joint account which is now closed. He asked for the statements for this account as well as for his personal account statements at the same time (05/01/2007). He received his personal statements within a week and we have made some headway with those but only being offered
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