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  1. Pen, thanks for your reply, I know much less than you on how to access information, how do I set up a thread please?
  2. thanks, will start again with the FAQ again, but I didn't find anything last time about charges on a business account!! won't give up though!!! bogoff
  3. Hi My husband didn't send details to our bank, just the amount he thought was correct, adding in a amount for interest. The bank has now entered a defense & the court is now awaiting for forms to be returned with a chequue for £100, he uded different templets to the ones on this site I think, he has now made himself ill , so I must make sure I have the correct paperwork to produce in court, also the correct answers for the forms to be returned to the court, can you help me anyone!!! I have looked at his business account too, which I would like to process, but there are charges of Business Focus & service charges plus interest for nearly every month for years also arrangement fee of £50 & £100 per time plus the usual unpaid & unauthorised. They gave him loan after loan sold him numerous pensions etc., knowing very well he was struggling due to a recession in the print industry, we ended up losing our home. I would like to get at least some money back from them. Can anyone give me good advice!! I'm not very computer illiterate so could you please give me clear instructions as to what I should do, Bogoff
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