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  1. Ok so now I have recived a letteer from the court stating there is a stay on my account, I guess I am no different to the majority now. Do I use the word document to appeal or the one where you have to pay £35 ? Cheers Richard
  2. Look a few post above and Rables link to the appropriate information. I still have not received a letterr even though when I went to court they said there was a judgement / stay on the case. Good Luck !!
  3. Went to the Teesside Combined Court and there is a stay on th ehearing now. However this was only a verbal piece of information, I have not had a letter informing me of a stay.
  4. Checked my mail and there is no letter from YB or the courts. Do they only send the stay etc once they have received your court bundle?
  5. hi not seent he post today, so will have to wait and see. let me know what you are going to do about it and post on here etc. fingers crossed. cheers
  6. Roger that, Ill keep this 110% up to date, for everyone to read. Not sure if it needs to be a sticky or just left as it is. Cheers Richard
  7. no my total charges are for just under £4900 inc interest etc etc
  8. ok thank goodness. do you think YB will turn up at the court? what do you think will happen? many thanks
  9. Oh no I forgot to include my terms and conditions int he bundle I have sent to YB. Will this be a major problem?
  10. It seems okay but alot could happen between now and then, fingers crossed. Have you guys seem this: BBC NEWS | Business | Judge calls halt to bank charges
  11. Well its done, YB will receivng the bundle tomorrow before 9.00am. 195 pages long totalling £4985 in claim. Going to court tomorrow to submit the bundle to them to. Fingers crossed. ** Dee Day 7th September **
  12. Guys, Anyone please got the YB Terms and Conditions? Its all I need to complete my Bundle. Im desperate. Cheers Richard
  13. Do I need to write on the page numbers? on all copies of stements etc etc? cheers
  14. http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/yorkshire-bank-clydesdale-bank/56512-richie-yorkshire-bank-7.html
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