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  1. That is absolutely fab, thumbs up, it is now in an envelope with stamp on ready to be posted, unfortunately i'll have to wait until payday to send SAR, ( well it is 2 weeks after xmas! ) Thanks again for your help, you guys are great!!
  2. how does this sound now?? Dear Sir/Madam I write following your correspondence dated 3rd January 2007. Your letter refers to my account being overdrawn, although as I see this, this account is overdrawn due to bank charges being levied to my account, I refute any allegation that I owe this money legitimately to you as these charges are unlawful. If you wish to take legal action in order to recover these charges I will immediately counterclaim for all the sums in which my Subject Access Request brings to light, plus deletion from my credit history of all entries that reference charges or defaults. I furthermore request that all correspondence now be in writing. I shall await your response before sending my Subject Access Request, however if I do not hear from you within the next ?? days I shall go ahead does this sound too threatening?? or do i need to add more?? or is it ok??
  3. Thank you thumbs up yes that seems a better way to play it (no2) and no i cant afford to pay this amount at the moment even if i could i would be reluctant in any case, thank you again i will tweak and get back for you to have another look if nobody minds?? thanks
  4. Thank you for your reply sarah13, I have wrote a letter to Lloyds, I agree I think it needs tweaking a bit but if anyone could tell me if this is ok? Dear Sir/Madam I write following your correspondence dated 3rd January 2007, I am aware that these charges have been levied to my account, although am still awaiting phone correspondence from the bank manager which was promised during a recent telephone call from one of the branch staff regarding this account. However, as the account is now overdrawn due to unlawful bank charges I shall dispute this and I have sent a Subject Access Request to the branch in order for other unlawful charges to be added. I will also be asking when the default notice was sent and as I have not had any other correspondence in relation to this debt apart from regular monthly statements. I furthermore request that all correspondence now be in writing If anyone can think of anything else I can put in there it will be appreciated it seems a little vague?? of course i will not be sending this until I have my SAR ready to go. Which has to be within 7 days otherwise they will start court action and I dont want anything else bad on my credit file its bad enough:p Thanks
  5. Hi to all on this great site and good luck to everyone reclaiming:) Several months ago I decided to successfully reclaim my bank charges from nationwide it took a while but i managed, now however I have recieved a letter from Lloyds saying my account is overdrawn by £104 this is due to charges as i do not use this account so have decided to now reclaim the hundreds from them from the last 6 years, they have stated in the solicitor headed letter:-| that I have a default from them, I do not remember being advised of this?? so I will press for this to be removed as well. I am now going to send my SAR and the 40 day deadline will start from then.. they have advised me to phone them within 7 days to come to an "arrangement" although I have previously been advised for any correspondence to be written only does anyone think this is right or shall i ring them, come to an arrangement, then start my SAR?? Although i feel quite confident as I have done this before, there are still butterflies and any help will be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance
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