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  1. too much jenny, you can come find me hun i will explain all xx
  2. ermm....no to the ps.. but i'm sure i will figure it out cheers hun!!
  3. Hi bb............well i know it is tempting to just say that..............but i wont promise!!........but could you explain read/reciept????.............you have defo lost me there!!!xxx
  4. I hope so too jenny......chat is closed for now, it has been closed for a few weeks and i must admit that when your at this stage it is nice to be able to chat to peeps about your claim, i'm hoping things will be restored again but who knows we have to wait and see.xx
  5. yes the initials of catherine price are in the reference so i will email her again thanks x
  6. jenny............your a sweetie!! many thanks i will email him now, thanks again!! oops just checked my acknowledgment of service and i do have an email contact although it is different from the one you poted jenny..... [email protected] ........oh what to say???........do you think can i have my money please will work?!!
  7. Aren't we just.......someone is gonna be busy topping up our bank accounts!!................
  8. Well done big T............happy spending!!
  9. Hi BB, no i dont have an email address for eversheds but i have a number so i will give them a call on tuesday see if i can rush them along a little!! cheers xx
  10. No problem tiatia, glad to help.........
  11. Ok now i have OCD...............aarrgghhh...................why are they making me suffer...........cant stop checking bank....i need to get out!!!
  12. bb was i ever lost?..........
  13. Whiskas i thought that too, but this is my second claim, try not to worry you always think you will be the one who loses, chin up we will be fine!!
  14. LOL, whiskas i know what you mean!! well here's hoping we will both be a little better off next week!!
  15. LOL, thnx stewpot, i hope your right as i to need a holiday!! roll on tuesday!! best of luck to you to keep us posted!!x
  16. Hi mullen, on my last claim they paid up 25 days after filing at court, but not on this claim they seem to be taking it to the wire now but i hope not to wait much longer.
  17. Hi all, well i thought the 28 days were up today!! but no i got my dates wrong!! i called the court today and they have until midnight tuesday to file a defence, so i'm quietly hoping for some good news in the next few days! i will keep you posted!!
  18. Hi mullen, nationwide always defend their claim, i won a case in march which they said they would defend but they paid up before the 28 days was up, this is just another stalling tactic nothing to worry about. best of luck x
  19. Hi egg, nope nothing yet and my nails are disappearing fast!!
  20. Hi Kooper and welcome to cag, yes you are correct in saying you have lots of reading to do, start with the faqs here you will get lots of advice on how to proceed with your claim, be sure to read the step by step instructions, if you have any questions or worries about your claim post in your thread and someone will come along and answer you, keep your thread updated as this helps others who are just beginning their claim best of luck to you x
  21. The best way to work it out paul is 33 days from the date your claim was filed through the courts. The court allows 5 days for the claim to be deemed served, the defendant then gets 14 days to acknowledge the claim. Once the caim has been acknowledged the defendant then gets a further 14 days to file their defence. So in total it's 33 days. One good point to remember though is that once this time period is up if the defendant has not filed their defence, dont be too hasty in filing for judgement. The court will allow the defendant a couple of days grace, why I dont know, if this does happen and you've already entered judgement against them they will be able to apply for a set aside and this will only delay the proceedure further.
  22. Hi rox, after the bank respond to your LBA they keep a file opened for 56 days so they will still have your file open, i would go ahead at this stage but this is only my personal opinion so i would advise you seek advice from others, there is also no harm in starting again and the interest will keep building!! let us know what you decide to do..... x
  23. Hi rox, yes as jenny says you very kindly gave them some extra time, go ahead and file your claim best of luck x
  24. Hi tristar, sorry i haven't been around much (lots of exams coming up!!), but i'm back and if you need anything give me a shout and if i can help i will although i have to say you seem to be doing just fine, best of luck xx
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