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  1. VGL


    6 years worth of Statements received yesterday. I'm owed £720 in charges etc. Time for the next step!
  2. VGL

    VGL Vs Abbey

    I've received 13 months of statements today. From what I can take from other people's posts I gather this is pretty standard...still got a few weeks until their time runs out for the rest but at least the proverbial ball has been set rolling! I'll keep you updated!
  3. VGL


    I've received the standard letter from the bank today, my cheque attached! It says all the information requested will be sent soon after. Also mentions the manual intervention thing but not worried about that. Let battle commence!
  4. VGL


    I wonder if someone can help me. Whilst awaiting my full 6 year accounts I've been checking through the paperwork I have and don't understand an item on my statement. It says DR REVERSAL OF 01-10 £100. This is the day after I've paid this amount off the managed loan. What is this and can I claim it back?
  5. VGL


    Cheers Fatboy! I tried that but as my HSBC Acc. and credit card were converted to a managed loan, the site only gives me loan payment details!! I'm itching to get the stuff back now.
  6. VGL


    Hey everyone! Sent off my Data Protection letter first thing this morning, I'll keep you updated on my progress!!!
  7. VGL

    VGL Vs Abbey

    Posted my Data Protection letter this morning! Quite looking forward to the ride, I'll keep everyone posted!!
  8. VGL

    Hsbc Acct

    Thanks mate! Just been checking my statements...I was charged over a grand for the 12 months previous.
  9. VGL

    Hsbc Acct

    My account was taken off me 2 years ago and turned into a managed loan (21.5%APR!!!!!!)which I pay back monthly. Can I still claim for the previous 4 years when I was getting hammered by the bank?
  10. My name's Vernon and I only discovered this site tonight! After 3 hours of information eating I now have 2 Data request letters sat next to me. Must say it's noe of the most helpful sites I've ever been on, in terms of content and people. It's what the internet was invented for!!!!
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