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  1. Hi Guys, Finally I've got a court date but I am a little concerned and confused. I received a court transfer about 8 weeks ago but have not received an AQ form. Today I received confirmation of the court date today, stating "the judge has considered the statements of case and AQ filed and allocated the case to the small claims track". So question, should I have received an AQ for completion? Also what exactly do I do now and what do I need to send to the court and to the defendant in terms of "all documents" as stated on the "Notice of Allocation to the Small Claims
  2. Hi all, Got a bit behind with responding to the bank but the story so far. YB sent me a cheque offering £640 in full and final settlement. I am claiming £1700 roughly I now want to take further action and have prepared a letter of response and wondered whether any of you good people would please take a look at it and please give me your opinions. Thanks in anticipation. Dear Mr McKirdy, Re. Account number: Following your letter dated 16th January 2007 returning the cheque that you sent to me for £640. Stating that I “have accepted the cheque”. Can I ref
  3. Hi Guys sorry for the delay. Just to clarify, the letter I sent mentioning a 25% less offer was after they had written saying I wasn't entitled to anything. I've been following the instructions from Moneysavingexpert.com and in particular http://www3.moneysavingexpert.com/files/bank_charges_templates/letter6.rtf If that's any help Thanks Guys, I'm going to return the cheque with Michael's suggested letter above. Will let you know how things progress. Bye
  4. Thanks very much for your quick responses Michael Great that sounds just what I was looking for. George 1.The idea for the offer came from the template letters, so assumed this was the way to do it. 2.Thanks for reminder. 3.Good point and exactly what I was thinking. Thanks guys, will keep you posted. JJ
  5. Hi everyone, Very surprised to have received a cheque from YB. I am claiming with interest £1800. However I wrote to them and said that I would accept 25% less (£1350) YB have now responded saying here's £650 to resolve the matter without the disproportionate expence of a court action. I am prepared to take this further and go to court but thought that I'd run it by you guys for any suggestions tips or further encouragement. Thanks for your help JJ
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