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  1. That's what i am trying to find out! Don't know which letter to send. The only thing i had with Abbey was a current account.
  2. Hello Can someone please guide me on this one, Sent a CCA letter to "red Debt Collections" asking for an executed credit agreement copy for a debt with Abbey National, they said they have no obligation under the provisions of the act to supply information, as the agreement I seek is not a regulated consumer credit agreement. last time I had an account with Abbey was in 99, What do I ask for, for proof of the alleged debt and date for me to fire back a letter of the limitation act?
  3. recieved a bill today well two one for Gas and one for Electric, from Scottish Power, med into new property june last year, now want a grand between the both! Surely I can claim a discount, I can not even set up a direct debit, there is no discount on the bill for dual fuel, its not my fault they have not bothered till now to bill. what are my rights here anyone know?
  4. UPDATE... recieved letter from cl finance after me sending out request for reclaim of charges with interest, they have agreed the full amount and interest!!!!!!! come on!!!!!!!!!! yesssssssssss!!!! :lol: :lol: thankyou everyone!!
  5. RECIEVED LETTER FROM RMA SOLICTORS REQUESTING I PAY THE FULL AMOUNT OWING BY 8/3/07:eek: NON COMLIANCE FROM RMA RE C.C.A. NON COMPLIANCE FROM BARCLAYS RE S.A.R. just a cheque for ten pounds and a letter saying they need more time as they are back logged with similar requests!!!!!!!!!! need ADVICE
  6. update........... recieved letter after me sending out request for charges with interest. offered me the amount I 486.00 which is more than what is owed and which is basically the amount i was orginally overdrawn when the account was closed and sent to moorcroft. the offer of 486 is tempting but they have not included interest on this amount or anything about removing my default which related to this overdraft in the first place. I want to go for the full 1,196.00 whic includes interest on the 486.00 WHAT LETTER SHOULD i NOW SEND OR DO I JUST ACCEPT THEIR OFFER HELP..
  7. is it right??.........so little faith in myself............
  8. sandrockDOH!!! recieved a letter today......... from Lowell "we can confirm on our records that you actnowledged the account by making a payment of one pound on 19th January 2007 we would also like to advise that regular monthly payments of one pound have been made since nov 2005. therefore the limitation act 1980 sec 5 does not apply in your case we now require payment of the full balance by return" well any suggestions........ (gutted).......... Lowell Financial Enterprise House 1 Apex View Leeds Yorkshire LS11 9BH 19TH February 2007 Your Refxxxxxx
  9. is it section 127(3) which would deem an agreement unenforceable if it has not been signed by the creditor........... Does anyone have the full wording of this section?
  10. so basicaly they have to have a signed copy which they have, but there isays no countersignature from the loan company .........sooo........it does not say anything about the countersignature/
  11. there is only my signature on the credit agreement not countersigned does this make a difference?
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