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  1. I am at my wits end, I had been with an Insurance company for 3 years, it was due to renew on the 24th Jan, I phoned up and said I wanted to carry on with the Insurance, I then phoned about a week later to ask when they were taking out my D/D etc and was told that instead of 11 months payments they had changed it to 6 months, I said I couldn't afford the amount per month and said I wanted to cancel my policy I then received my cover note etc in the post a few days later around the 10th feb and sent it back, they cancelled my policy from the 14th feb, but they are now refusing to give me my 3 years NCD which I need for my new insurance company saying I owe £127.00, can they do this? surely they should of told me about the 11 monthly payments down to 6 when I phoned to renew my policy? now my new insurance company is saying that unless I can prove my NCD my insurance is going to go up by £350!!!! Isn't the NCD mine, I've built it up? cheers
  2. I got all my bank charges back from BOS before the test case started (so I was one of the lucky ones) BUT in the last 3 months they have charged me appox £800 in charges (wonder who's bouns my charges has paid) and I'd put my hands up to a few of them being my fault, but like most of the rest of you, I'm stuck between a rock and a hard place, I've got a job (one of the lucky few i know) but wants the point when £200+ of my wages goes on charges which means I'm getting more and more in debt, I've applied for hardship but because I've already had charges back from them, I don't think i'll get anywhere, they treat me like crap. The only way this started was because my gas/elec was suppose to come off on the 1st of the month and they took them on the 5th and 8th, and its just snowballed from there, I think its really wrong when your FAM goes in and on the same day comes out to pay for 3 bank charges Will keep everyone updated though, but has anyone that has claimed before and got back been successful in getting hardship???
  3. I put in a claim for my bank charges ages ago, it got all the way to getting a court date, and then the day before the court date, the test case started and a hold was put on the claiming back of charges, needless to say I was hacked off as I lost the money it cost me to take the rip off merchants to court! Anyway, I tried to claim them back though the hardship route, but got a letter back saying that cause my account was closed they would look at it, plus they will only look at any charges applied to the account in the last 12 month, the only reason THEY closed my account was because they had added charge after charge until I was £220 overdrawn in charges (they did agree to wipe these, which I thought was big of them!!!! and then they closed my account), but I'm still claiming the £1400 worth of charges that they did charge me for!, so does anyone know if they can do this on a closed account? should I just sit back? or do I keep fighting?
  4. I was overpaid £7000 in 2002-2003 so the TCO said, I have been though numerous appeals, been though the Adjudicator, and even took it as far as the local MP and Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman, even though when it got to the Adjudicator stage the TCO decided that they were wrong about £2000!!!!! I've still got to pay the £5000 and the TCO have admitted in Black/white that they were wrong and human error meant they typed in the wrong amount, so because of my human error at not noticing the mistake (did anyone understand the award notices when they first came out? don't think the TCO workers understood them either) I've got to pay back £5000, does anyone know anyone thats gone to prison because of not paying back TC??? will watch this space, cause I'll fight it though court if thats what it takes!! So anyone who general believes they shouldn't pay back there overpayment, keep fighting, don't let them away with it GOOD LUCK
  5. I have been fighting with my Elec/Gas company now for 4 years, 4 years ago I brought the house, and totally renovated it, put in new wiring throughout the whole house, put in GCH with a top of the range baxi boiler, brought brand new A+ appliances etc etc, I had meters in for the first 2 years but I was putting in £55 a week between them (this was before the price hikes) oh and btw its it 3 bedroomed semi-detached house, not a mansion just incase anyone was wondering lol. Anyway after a 2 year battle I got my bill paid off, so I could get the meters taken out, this is probably the worse thing I've done!! When I got the credit meters in they charged me £50 a month gas and £45 a month on elec, I told then this wasn't enough but until I'd had a bill they weren't prepared to listen, so sure enough 6 months later I got the bills, both saying you owe us elec £350 and gas £300, so were putting up your payments to elec £90 and gas £110, so struggled for 6 months to pay the the monthly Direct debit, only to receive bills saying I owed elec £350 and gas £250 and my payments were going up to elec £179 and gas £112, I went mental this is more than my mortgage a month, they agreed to charge £110 for my elec but my gas is saying the same, so I paid the Direct debits for 5 months and received my 6 month bills, are you ready for this??? Elec, on top of the £550 I've already paid every month, I owe £549 ????? the gas isn't to bad, I only owe £279 I've even got a FREE electric thing that tells my how much elec I'm using etc, if I went by this, I'd be paying about £47 a month, I know this is a bit long winded but can anyone please please give me any advice as to what to do now, as I think I've tried everthing, oh btw I've had both meters tested, I've done the written tests (I had to take a menter reading 2 a day and write down what I'd used etc for 10 days BORING!!) I was even thinking of putting the house on the market cause I can't afford to stay here, but in the current climate thats a joke!!!
  6. Well I've messied up big time, because I never served the summons in time (for the 21 days for them to defend) I had to get the summons re-served, I didn't realise that I had the new summons which I had to send to them, and it was only cause i phoned the court today and got a bit of an ear bashing about it, so not i've got to start again, as the court was meant to be tomorrow, oh well we learn by are mistakes!!!! bit hacked off with myself as I've got another £39.00 to pay our again!!!!!!got about another £40 in interest though so that'll pay for the £39.00 i've lost.
  7. no i'm going to phone tomorrow, and i'll post up what they say, hopefully it'll be good news
  8. the bank account am claiming against is a closed account, great!!!! think what i'm going to do is phone the court on monday and see what the nationwide has said, if they're defending or what, as i've had no letter or anything and i'm a bit confused, i thought that if they were defending I have to be told what grounds they're defending on maybe i've picked it all up wrong????
  9. i'm up at elgin sheriff court as well btw!
  10. cheers MTM, as always a MASSIVE help, can't believe there actually going though with this!!! I've posted under the snoopsmum thread so hopefully i'll get some help!!
  11. oh thats not fair!!!! i'm really chuffed you won but my return date was 10th july and my calling date is tuesday 17th july, but mines still going ahead i've not had any out of court settlement or anything, and i'm totally pooing my pants, haven't got a clue what i've got to say or anything!!!! If i lose i'm i the first person in scotland to lose??? if i am i'll be on gmtv on wednesday hehe, no seriously now, i can't believe you're acutally going to court with this!!! was yours a summary claim?? really panicing here!! oh MTM put me onto this thread btw, cheers to him
  12. **********************HELP************************** not been on in ages as been waiting for 3 months for a court date, have now got it in and its tuesday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! really worried about it, I haven't got a clue what i've got to say or take with me, please please please can someone help, its at a sheriff's court as i'm in scotland and its a summary claim as its over £750.
  13. I'VE WONcan't believe it!!! phoned BOS today saying now way am i accepting your offer etc etc see you in court, and it was like " no wait mrs ****** we can come to an agreement on the phone etc etc" i just said the full amount or court, i was asked to hold the line, and 3 minutes later o.k the money will be in your account in the next 14 days, got the shpeel about " me being partly to blame about the charges etc etc" was just like ye ye whatever, got my money now kiss my butt (sorry about that so excited)!! at the court stage with nationwide so fingers crossed they pay up next!!! p.s as soon as money is in account i will be making my donation to this helpful site, cause without it, i wouldn't have got jack poo!!!!!!!
  14. thanxs chancer, i never had to send off for my statements i'm a maggie pie and keep every bit of paper work i always get, so had all my statements. I've had a look, and can't find who you'd address it to anywhere sorry haven't been much help, i'm sure that some-one will help you though as they're a really great bunch of helpful confidence building folk on here :)
  15. thanxs chancer, i never had to send off for my statements i'm a maggie pie and keep every bit of paper work i always get, so had all my statements. I've had a look, and can't find who you'd address it to anywhere sorry haven't been much help, i'm sure that some-one will help you though as they're a great bunch of helpful confidence building bunch on here :)
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