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  1. Hi, I'm going after Barclays for a mis-selling to my Aunt who was retired, and instead of go through the FSA I was thinking of the courts what with the 8%. But, what laws are you supposed to use in writing/backing up the claim? I have a picture of the judge saying "well who regulates the bank?", "oh that's the FSA", "then go to them or the FO".:o
  2. some are,but I would double-check myself rather than take the word of the loan comp.
  3. No I didn't appeal cause my mom,bless her, paid it off for me:). But that's another story. it's getting late and my computer only wants to work in safe mode, which means no music, no games, no fun. when it rains it pours...
  4. I would be quite interested in finding out why the service didn't work, whether it was a problem with BT's network or ??. especially before trying another operator. FWIW I'm with Sky and the broadband is vg.
  5. Just call the MF who did this to you a b******d and try to get on with your life. You've been a victim of a crime and since the police can't/won't do much about it you hardly have a choice now short of going after the git yourself, hiring someone to do it or casting a spell :eek:on him (not advised herein). Do remember however that he will get his dues one day. And of course you'll be more careful next time.
  6. It's sad that anyone should be the victim of this rogue criminal enterprise. But some lessons we all have to learn the hard way. ~I didn't know that you had to have a separate contract for using Premuim Rate Services.
  7. Yup, I had to pay the fines. However, that you dug up my thread from the dead simply to get back at me for posting a comment in your thread is quite revealing. But they do say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. As for the 'road' rage it may be true, but what do you have ? now that would worry me.
  8. Don't worry, read up on CAG on the process, and take one step at a time with the best preparation you can do. Oh, and keep asking questions when you're stuck.
  9. Haha, what a laugh. As I read it they are saying that they are taking the charges in exchange for supplying credit. Bloody cheek. Anyway in a moment of inspiration I thought of a suitable rebutt. Basically I will say that at no time did I agree to any consideration in exchange for them forwarding me money. Such a concept is a fictional concoction brewed up by a hopeful legal eagle:D . lets hope my 2cents does the trick;)
  10. Hi all, Well we got a Directions order from the judge granting the CAG draft order. Ha. Now I was preparing a Statement Of Evidence and reading the defence found something that I had not heard of before: "The charges constitute payments the Claimant agreed to make by reason of the terms and conditions of his account and were consideration for the Defendant advancing credit to the Claimant,which the Defendant was under no obligation to advance" Has anyone heard that before? I've racked my brains thinking of counter arguments !?
  11. Hey !!! WELL DONE ...jammy jampot:D
  12. Hey goodwill, if you're going to post a comment quoting someone else kindly have the decency not to change their words. your version: you sad person.
  13. My take on this: The contract was with BT for use of a telephony service. Agreed, the (ab)use of this was done by an entity (trojan dialer) unbeknown to the OP. However all this resulted from a choice that the OP made,that is, to connect a computer to the telephone line. Now if ,as it is most likely, there was a lack of security understanding or user-error which led to the installation of a dialler, then the only person to blame is the person using the computer. I think the OP should take responsiblity for something he did(use computer) and likely didn't do(follow good security protocols). Sorry it's sounds harsh,but that's what I see.
  14. I think Which Legal's argument is the best one to follow up on. On another note I loved your letter to Vphone:). hope you get a good result finally.
  15. just wondering...what's an age of manu ?
  16. jampot, it's important to know when to stop flogging a dead horse.
  17. would love to hear your 'sneaky tactic' Memnoch:D
  18. Now, the way YOU put it makes SENSE;-) Thank -you
  19. Good idea, but are we *entitled* to give them such an instruction which if not carried out would breach the contract ?
  20. Blinking HELL !! Does that mean account closure time ?
  21. Very interesting info Buzby...thanks much ! Slowly silently Orwells nightmare is coming:eek: I bet we will see CAG membership explode when ID cards are introduced.
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