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  1. As the ppi was single premium and bulked into the overall loan amount is it likely to say that when I paid the loan off early I still paid the full amount of the PPI premium. or when I asked for a settlement figure will they have recounted the term for the premium and deducted this from my settlement figure, I don't have any record of these figures at the moment.
  2. thanks I will have a look at that. Now I think it is possible that it was Lloyds I consolidated it with as part of our mortgage restructure so may have even ended up with a ppi on that as well, or there life/critical illness cover as they call it
  3. Hi all, sorry if this a repetitive post, I know there is a lot of posts out there on similar claims and a lot of very good help and information from members but I wanted to add my post as i'm getting baffled skipping posts and reading others. I am just about to claim from Lloyds tsb for a single premium PPI policy they sold me in 2003 and bundled into a personal loan I had. the short figures are I borrowed £9884 as new money, £ 6115 as consolidation to pay another loan/card I had with them. they charged an upfront £3466 for a single premium ppi policy added it all together and the total loan ended up in the region of £19,500 and I ended up paying interest on the policy. I have spoke to the Lloyds PPI claim line and they have records of the policy and confirmed the policy number and details with me, I have filled out the FOS claim form and copied my copies of the agreement to send to them. I have had experience before but was not a single premium payment and was successful back in 2009 ish against ocean finance but done this through a claim company which I am sorry about as I had to pay them their commission. a few years ago I paid this loan off with a consolidation loan so in effect if I paid off the balance of the loan including the upfront payment I am now paying interest on the new loan to pay off the PPI. hope that bit makes sense. all comments and help from personal experiences gratefully appreciated regarding this type of claim and against Lloyds, im sure they should be paying back the additional interest I am paying on the new loan to cover the PPI portion. thanks in advance. Lee.
  4. ring sc&m and tell them what you have received from the court, ask for fax number to fax a copy to and they will pay up. they paid me within 5 day's, fax a copy and ring daily untill the money is in your account. forthwith means immediately, well done. Lee,
  5. got my judgement letter today says, you must pay the claimant a total of £8,842.16 forthwith woo hoo happy days pay up pronto in other words, nothing in bank yet but will keep checking and write then a reminder letter i have seen on garyt thread. any moderators looking please add to my title **won defence struck out** looking forward to a extra payday this month
  6. Steph, yes you have indeed won, this happened to me also, lloyds failed to return there allocation questionare, i see you are from the wirral i am also and claimed at birkenhead court. fill in the form for judgement and get it to the court asap the judge there has just given me judgement and ordered them to pay me back my £8900 forthwith (pronto) any questions ring birkenhead court and ask for joe in case management, he is very helpfull and will tell you all you need to know in a way that you can understand it, I think the judge there, Judge Travers knows the score and doesnt side with the banks. i am just waiting for my money now, think i will give them a reminder call tomorrow.
  7. well best of luck and keep me posted, sort that insurance tho, weathers getting better.
  8. chin up maddie the desision is down to the courts so even if the banks apply for a stay there is no guarantee the court will grant it, it all depends on the court and the judge, i dont think your financial situation will make much differance to the judges decision though. keep reading threads on here there is some good advice, just carry on as normal and dont give up.
  9. good move a nice bike also, got a bandit streetfighter myself, could do with this money so i can add a few mods i have in mind.
  10. your right not to have split the claim, small claims is better as your not open to costs if you loose the claim, there are some links earlier in my thread to the differance, i am not entirely sure i have just gone through it step by step in a bumbling daze, a lot of this stuff baffles me at first and it's not untill the stage has passed then I understand the process, I will keep checking bank every day, hope this judgement letter turns up tomorrow. ps, fzf, nice bike.
  11. ah i get ya, i thought you had a stay put against your case even after judgement made. In my allocation questionare i have chosen fast track, i was not aware that i should choose small claims as the amount was over £5000. I thought it was the norm to pick fast track for over this amount was i wrong? but as the court has said i have been awarded judgement suppose it does not make a differance now to my claim. I take it lloyds can do nothing now as judgement has been made as far as there oft case is concerned, i assume it is to late for them to apply for a stay
  12. excellent keep us posted on any response
  13. fzrkitten good luck with your appeal hope the court come up with the correct decission and chucks the stay out, surely by now the courts should know it is only a delaying tactic, I have not received judgement today they prob sent it 2nd class, but the bloke said it would be in yesterday afternoons post ,so another day waiting, unless sc&m got a sneaky stay in yesterday afternoon but i doubt it. i am surprised that they have been so lame with defending my case as it is near £9000 I can see them rolling over and paying out sums of a few hundred quid but i thought they would fight to the bitter end with this one. maybe they know i have a watertight case, or they just got slack with there paperwork, maybe they just dont give a toss, who knows but they are certainly getting a 110% fight from me untill i have my money and my account has been closed. i will leave all contact with the sc&m until i have judgement then hit em with the 14 days to pay or the baliffs will be sent in letter
  14. i have rang the court today and judgement has been issued and the relevant documents sent in post today, so tomorrow they should receive them. as far as i know it will give them 14 days to pay up but i am not too sure so i will have to wait and read them when they arrive. bloke I spoke to in the court said if i have trouble or further questions i can talk to the courts balifs. think i will also sent them a little reminder letter when i receive my copy of the paperwork
  15. well i am not going to crack open the bubbly yet i know what these lot are like so i am hoping they just get it over with and pay up but as it is quite a large sum of money i am expecting them to not play ball . i have not heard from the court yet and have never had any coraspondance from sc&m but fingers crossed, i will keep you all informed and good luck to you all
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