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  1. Yes it's for the same account, a catalogue I opened in 2003.
  2. Hi all I have received a claim form from Restons Solicitors on behalf of arrow global for a debt from 2003. Arrow say they purchased it in 2011 and I remember a claim form from them in 2012 with Bryan Carter. I'm pretty sure it's the same alleged debt but it was statute barred in 2012 it still is now. This debt is 14 years old. They've tried before it's no different now. I've asked them for the prove it and also made my defence of statue barred. I just wanted to know, can they keep filing claim forms with Northampton county court? or is this
  3. Yes am just waiting for them to send the info. As soon as I have it will try to get the CCJ set aside
  4. I paid a debt management company to pay off my debt. I paid fenton cooper for a few debts, but they have no record of the payments for this debt with the DCM, so the proof they produced was for a different debt which was with fenton cooper
  5. can they remove it totally or just mark it as satisfied?
  6. Yes they've just taken a payment. I have written to them to ask for proof that the debt is legally theirs to claim. I am also looking into setting aside the CCJ. I suffered depression and had to have months off work following this and now I feel ready to fight against it. I asked fenton cooper for proof that the debt was paid, they gave a list before but I was paying more than one debt to fenton cooper and they could not prove that the debt was paid against the blackhorse loan. I did claim the PPI on the blackhorse loan but was turned down.
  7. I had a CCJ issued to fenton cooper. They have now sold this to capquest. My problem is I didn't know about it and capquest are all of a sudden taking the payments from my bank account. Can fenton cooper do this, sell my bank details with the CCJ? I would have thought this was a data protection issue. Although I admit I don't know that much about these things.
  8. I have contacted them and offered them 800 to be paid over 4 months, they have accepted this. They said if it's not paid they will go straight to a judgement. I'm not sure what happens now? Will they withdraw the claim? Do I have to do anything?
  9. Thank you. Looks like I'm doomed to get a ccj for the full amount
  10. I think I've done this right. I've attached everything they have sent me for this claim
  11. Sorry, i'm confused too. They sent me a letter february 2012 asking for the money in full I sent an SB letter, they sent me a letter stating it wasn't SB and included all the agreements and spreadsheet schedule of payments and that was it I heard nothing more until December when they called me about a debt, I didn't know what they were taking about as they were very vague on the phone a nd they sent me all this information again. I wrote back and they ignored it, the next thing I know I have a court claim.
  12. They sent it before the summons. I replied but they ignored and I had a claim form through the post
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