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    One from the newspapers, a motorist who took time to change his baby's nappy before feeding the meter at Sutton Harbour, Plymouth was sued by Britannia parking but the judge threw out the claim becuse "neither the sign or the small print made it sufficiently clear that the time started when entering the car park". Now as usual the paper refers to a "fine" and it has been commented on before by judges tht the clock doesnt start when you enter the car park but should only take into account the actual parking period and hence the MINIMUM 10 minute grace period. So peeps, look at the wording fo the signage and if there isnt a clear definition of the grace period no binding contract! Will they change their ANPR systems to reflect this? Of course not, the majority of people will pay up even though the charge is unlawful.
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    agree, a leaking roof is not a minor snag. 10 year warranty? If they cant build something properly in the first place then what will that be worth in a fortnight, let alone 10 years. egt a surveyor to have a look at what they ahve done and then tell them that you expect any faults found during the survey will be corrected before sign off and final payment. If they then walk away I wouldnt be surprised, they know their limitations
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