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  1. This may have been posted on here previously, but I picked it on Facebook this morning - it reportedly originated on MSE forums. DJ Harvey, at Lewes County Court, dismissed the claim of One Parking Solutions and was rather scathing of OPS in their judgement. It's well worth a read if you've not read it before. There are some real nuggets in there that will be of use to us mere mortals. One Parking Solution v Ms W 5 Feb 2020.pdf
  2. Not been on the site for a few weeks guys. I have made a donation and wish you all well. Thanks for this superb site which is so useful when you need advice and feel so alone at times.
  3. Yes, you can pay £60 that you don't owe to a bunch of conmen and have an easy life. Or you can fight them and yes, you will have to put a certain amount of work in. As a campaigning consumer site we would prefer you did the latter! But it's up to you. The only effort with the future letters is the opening of them. They're just standard nonsense of which PE send out hundreds every week, hoping to scare the naive. There are 263 successes on the thread HB posted. That is a vast underestimate as in all 263 cases there was a specific moment to poin
  4. I wanted to provide an update to this chain. I have reached a settlement with Hermes. For the benefit of anyone else going through this process, some notes: The formal mediation process was delayed (I guess, due to Covid). I wrote directly to the relevant person in Hermes' legal department (firstname.lastname@hermes-europe.co.uk - you will get the names in your claim form, for anyone else going through this process) I played hard ball - I maintained my position in my claim form, I did not give Hermes' (in my view, entirely without merit) arguments any attent
  5. As I think others have suggested, HMRC and HM Probate have probably advised you that for their purposes, probate is not required. If you were to say to them "Yes - but my deceased mother's bank is insisting on probate before releasing the funds in her account. Can you please tell the bank probate is not necessary?" they would say that's a decision for the bank to make, not them. They can't tell the bank what business decisions to take. Can you see the difference?
  6. It isn't realistic to lock all those with underlying conditions and over 70s in their homes for the rest of the year It would have to be properly organised. We have various family members and friends in their 70s who are trying to stay at home but they have to eat. They can't get a delivery slot with a supermarket because of the demand and they aren't on the government's vulnerable list so they don't have priority. They don't have neighbours who will do a complete shop for them so the only option is to go out. If we want to shield the over 70s then if they have people g
  7. Dear sirs, you ask why I havent paid the amount demanded. That is simple to answer, there is no debt because there was no contract to breach. If your clients are as stupid as Simple Simon at VCS then you should warn them that the 2 idiots who run the IPC are misleading their members over what is and isnt a parking contract when they claim they personally approve every sign and they will suffer the same fate at court when they learn that particular lesson. Perhaps you should also ask Will and John at the IPC to give Will and John at Gladstones a copy of their ATA c
  8. Ok Folks So this week has to be one of the toughest I've ever had but thanks to the help and support of Ell-enn I can now breath easy and I might even manage to get some sleep this weekend. I attended court yesterday for an application hearing with a circuit judge as I'd submitted a N161 form to appeal against the Judges order last week that the eviction should go ahead. On Ell-enns advise I submitted an up to date statement of facts which explained that I'd paid off the arrears and also had my house valued which showed that I wasn't in a negative equity si
  9. You must put in writing to the insurer today confirming that the policy should be cancelled from 3rd September because you sold the vehicle on that date and no longer have any interest in it. Send them a copy of whatever evidence you have that the vehicle was sold. Also if they sent you a Certificate of Insurance by post when you last renewed the policy post it back to them. (Today because it's 7 days from the date you sold the vehicle and there's 7 day deadline for returning the certificate) Don't wait for your friend to write a letter to insurers, you must take action immediately
  10. You're right - it's a complete nonsense. I've noticed one or two other forums doing this recently and it's a complete PITA. It does not help the reader "focus on the content", rather it annoys the hell out of them because they can't identify easily a previous post they want to refer to. Your forced to "bloat quote" which I've no doubt drives dx100uk up the wall. Tell Invision that grown-up users prefer post reference numbers as it helps them keep track of the thread. (I bet they don't know how to do it. Challenge them!)
  11. https://www.gov.uk/government/news/crackdown-on-private-car-parking-firms-will-eliminate-unfair-fines The Government seem to think that the new proposals will eliminate rogue parking operators. As if. Among the proposals are capping the maximum charge at £80 with lesser misdemeanours charged at £40. The good thing is that it will mean the parking crooks will have to produce new signage to reflect the new charges and they should also have to remove the proviso that they can add extra charges above the cap. There is an increase in charges to £120 for those parking in places designate
  12. Oh dear. adding ''debt collection charges'' AND charging for payments made by card.......tut tut CP plus you really are asking for trouble.
  13. First of all, it is NOT a FINE. Only a court has power to issue fines, the Police can issue Fixed Penalty Notices, a Council can issue Penalty Charge Notices, none of these is a fine. What you have received is a Parking Charge Notice - also known as a Speculative Invoice. Designed to mimic official penalties and referring to it as a FINE will not only give a specious piece of paper an appearance of legitimacy that it does not warrant, but will also give Site Team DX100uk apoplexy as it is his pet hate! Before you do anything, read other threads in this forum, you will
  14. Something positive. I joined this site a year ago and had substantial financial problems and was advised elsewhere to sign up for a DRO or file for bankruptcy. Following advice given on this site I was able to get a notorious DCA off my back, settle my most worrying debt with a large discount and get back over £8k in miss sold PPI. I am now in a much better position and will be debt free next year. Keep up the good work and a very big thank you from me.
  15. The other ones to worry about are Palantir who are data-mining NHS records, I've read, and are now being paid £1m to do it.
  16. Which is all great but detracting from the most pressing issue of what date is the Defence due and what are the legal arguments against this breach of contract claim.
  17. You do not lie to them in the way that you suggest above, otherwise you lose the moral high ground and sink to their level. Should it end up in the small claims court you would be on a very sticky wicket using such subterfuge. As this is the UK, the word is defence, despite the predictive text that may appear.
  18. Thank you for the advice and support on this site. I always appreciate the help/comfort/support I get in life whether in good time or challenging ones. A forum like this is truly outstanding, and the guidance/contributions and directions I have received have kept me sane at a very difficult time. I have made my donations, and it's not going to be a one off. We must all support this site to help ourselves and others who come on here.
  19. now you mention a concierge at the block- now this can be a deciding matter because if the concierce gave you permission or even failed to tell you that you couldnt park then that creates a new contract between you and the landowner that overrides the one the landowner has with the parking co. If they didnt intend to create now conditions the man on the door should have told you " you cant park there mate" and that would have been that so even silence is permissive. I would also bet that the wording of the signage is very limited as to creating contract and big on prohibition so w
  20. I am bound to say that their alleged contract is probably the weirdest I have seen. Considering it is supposed to be a serious legal contract to set out the conditions under which CEL manage the parking on land that does not belong to them it leaves a lot to be desired. For a start it does not comply with the BPA Code of Practice which is 7.3 a the definition of the land on which you may operate, so that the boundaries of the land can be clearly defined b any conditions or restrictions on parking control and enforcement operations, including any restrictions on hours of o
  21. title updated I would suspect this is the usual game of the third party saying you could have gotten the hire car cheaper? we see it all the time here. stop talking on the phone!! state everything in writing to my insurance company please go away yes cash the cheque, why couldn't you have posted it?
  22. With Schools usually breaking up for the Summer Holidays in July, I do not see the point of sending youngsters back before September. Government might just have managed to improve on their safety procedures for staff and youngsters alike.
  23. I've just successfully arrived at the end of a long wrangle with my dishonest mobile phone provider. It was a success and I could not have done this without the advice and encouragement of BankFodder. To describe this site as a Godsend is an understatement. It is a lifeline for many isolated and despairing souls. Thank you CAG!!!
  24. arsen lupin - aren't you asking the wrong question with "what legislation gives financial institutions this right?" Shouldn't you be asking "is there any legal authority (statutory or case law) giving us the right to access these funds without probate?" (I doubt there is by the way). Looking at it from the point of view of banks, it's a commercial decision and exposure to risk decision whether they decide to release funds without probate and if they do, whether they apply a limit or not. They are custodians of the funds in the bank account and on the death of the account holder
  25. Attached are photos of the signage at the Berkeley Centre taken last July. You will see that all the signs clearly state that the carpark is managed by Excel and would have been managed by Excel at the time of your alleged breach. In the light of this evidence, I would be inclined to include in your snotty letter, some words to the following effect: You have no idea who this company VCS is, nor why they are asking you to pay them money. Their correspondence refers to the carpark at the Berkeley Precinct, but you know for a fact that this carpark is managed by Excel Services, a
  26. Can you please clarify the current terms and conditions for the carpark? There is now a ticket machine, possibly installed by Excel when they took over the management. Do you have to take a ticket however long you intend to stay, whether you will be in the free parking time or not? Do you have to specify how long you intend to stay at the point of arrival? Are you allowed 1 free hour and then you have to buy a ticket? I presume the maximum period of parking is 2 hours but only 1 hour is free. Is that correct? Do you have a photo of the advertised ter
  27. I have just made a small donation and will make other donations when i can,Thank you for all the good you do for people.
  28. It is not a matter of 'getting mixed up in other peoples problems'. The advice to read other threads is a) this is a self help forum so you do need to acquaint yourself with other's poster's experiences thereby educating yourself. b) Without doing so you will be blind to the intricacies of the Private Parking Companies and their dishonesty. c) The experts who have and do give of their time freely, cannot be expected to repeat advice that they have previously given just to save you a little time. If you were paying for that time it might be different. If y
  29. I do think at times like this that we should spare a thought for those poor parking companies through no fault of their own are suffering a huge loss in their income.
  30. A Dalek enforcing strict quarantining on a neighbourhood. You can't get more British than this https://tinyurl.com/uzox4hy
  31. It would appear that Sainsbury and Asda are currently under a huge strain with regard to their online shopping/delivery services. I logged into my Asda account, booked a delivery slot for the 27th March.. (earliest slot available) and filled up my basket with my normal order.. no panic purchasing. Went to the checkout, and everything seemed to go through with no problems. An hour later, I logged back in to add something I had forgotten. Clicked on my order.... message to say that I had no orders - however, my basket was still showing as not having been checked out.
  32. Thought I would post an update in relation to this. After receiving another three or four letters late last year from a company working on behalf of PE stating the client was going to take action and I should pay immediately while each time ramping up the fine ...I decided to call their bluff and not respond.So to date I have not heard anything further from PE. So this is going back to June 2019. Will post if anything further happens
  33. Hello, A few things; Firstly, you can stop worrying about your previous employer having evidence of your thefts (and yes, taking things that you deem unsaleable is still theft), firstly because what DX said is true - the store will not waste hours of time searching through CCTV, but also because nobody keeps CCTV for more than 31 days. The law states that CCTV images are not kept for any longer than is necessary, which is a bit ambiguous, but the 'industry standard' has been unofficially set at 31 days. I know of no other retail business that keeps footage for longer
  34. It'd look like a desperate tit for tat. Don't. People with nothing to hide, are calm and collected and confident. Sit tight, tell the whole unvarnished truth, provide evidence of being elsewhere, ask for witnesses. Don't start playing silly buggers though. He needs to present as the calm face of logic!
  35. Hi guys well I lost. Judge said he had to go with the most probable and went with lowell. Didn't add interest which I suppose saved me a couple of hundred quid. The solicitor was quite decent really. Was over in around 20 mins. Not the outcome I wanted but at least it's over with now and I can stop constantly worrying about it, it had taken over my life! Thank you to everyone who helped. I set up a monthly donation a few months ago and I'll keep it up as this site is invaluable to the little person out there who has no or little clue o
  36. What usually happens, and I've seen more than a few in my years working in council tax, is that they make a fuss right up until enforcement action is taken and then they disappear off in to the ether without any further updates. Typically because their master plan has failed and the council have bankrupted them or they've ended up with a suspended sentence hanging over them.
  37. Three hour hearing today in the Taunton County Court....WON.... It was like a game of chess, exhilarating from the first move. I lost a couple sacrificial points and one or two pieces I would have liked to have won. As soon as I arrived in the waiting room, I was approached by the solicitor who had travelled 100 miles or so to get there. He suggested it was appropriate to spend a few minutes to see if we could agree a settlement. I agreed and said £1600. He went out to make a phone call, and I sat down wishing I hadn't made the offer because I really wanted
  38. Hello colin1096 and many thanks for joining us. Now we’re your supplier, EDF have lost control of your meters and will not be able to arrange for a meter exchange. This is not allowed within the industry. Only the current supplier has access to the information and processes to arrange for this to happen and we don’t do this on behalf of other companies. Hope this helps colin1096. Malc
  39. I too had the benefit of a grammar school education and I think they were a great force for social mobility for those with academic ability. There's nothing wrong with them, where it all went wrong is what happened to everyone else. The 'modern' schools became seen as second best, somewhere for failures because the 11+ was viewed as a pass/fail exam. It was never meant to be like that, shouldn't have been. Identifying ability (all types of ability) and nurturing it should surely be what education is about. Maybe if we called it something other than 'streaming' people wouldn't get so hot u
  40. I would just like to thank everybody on here for all of their help, finally this morning I received my letter of indemnity, Swinton are now looking into why on the 3rd Jan I was given the wrong information. Thank you all again.
  41. I'm afraid that the whole business of keeping the accounts and getting it all sorted out in time is just too much to handle on top of the daily running of the forum. Most people here would realise that I am very hands on and I have been for most of the last 14 years. I don't have the skills I don't have the energy. Also, a few years back we were late in producing our accounts and an administrator from another forum put in a complaint and we ended up having to pay a penalty – which is definitely not what people intend their donations to be used for. It hit us very hard.
  42. Hi guys, You probably already guessed the outcome of this already, yes I won!!!!!! The judge ripped their rep apart and I didn’t have to say anything to be honest. That was awesome! So, here is how it went. Surprised but not surprised, they did send a young girl to represent them. I went to the court half an hour early, dressed smart (made a difference), and reported to the reception. She heard me say my name so came and approached me. Then she said let me find a meeting room, and went off to find one. When she came back, I asked for what? She said we can
  43. Hi all, So it's time, I have all the paperwork ready in a bundle including the evidence of documents sent to all parties. My hearing is at 2pm tomorrow so will let you know of the outcome tomorrow evening. Just want to say a massive thank you for all the support, would have not been able to come this far without you.
  44. Happy Christmas Guys, Just made my donation as I promised, thanks to you guys for everything great site and help. Absolutely priceless.
  45. Payday end of week bankfodder, will donate then. Thank you so much guys for all your hard work xx
  46. The points are that you believe that a person or court hearing a Statutory Declaration has the option of rejecting it if he or they believe it is untrue. You must presumably believe that the person or court has a duty to question (perhaps more properly, cross-examine) the person making the declaration. Y ou started by saying this about the declaration as a whole then went on to concentrate on the 21 day rule. I asked you to let us know how you have arrived at that conclusion. In particular I asked why you had provided specific advice to the OP in the or
  47. A friend of mine got a demand from Highview parking for being in Sainsburys, Garratt Lane and asked what to do about it. I told him to ask sainsburys CS peopel to cancel it as the system there is almost incomprehensible. What you are supposed to do is pay to park, do your shopping and reclaim the parking money from the checkout. This is not explained on the main signs and to my mind create a rather strange contract that isnt enforceable du to the peculiar conditions that arent shown on signage outside the store. he did as suggested but sainsburys CS said he should take the matter up with
  48. Err not quite. Here's the actual (unedited) quote by Lord James of Blackheath as recorded in Hansard: https://hansard.parliament.uk/lords/2019-09-06/debates/0C259B8B-7232-4228-BB00-E258510FD926/EuropeanUnion(Withdrawal)(No6)Bill So not only did you edit the quote front & back to make it appear as a some kind of statement of fact, rather than a question, his peers laughed at it.
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