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  1. Something positive. I joined this site a year ago and had substantial financial problems and was advised elsewhere to sign up for a DRO or file for bankruptcy. Following advice given on this site I was able to get a notorious DCA off my back, settle my most worrying debt with a large discount and get back over £8k in miss sold PPI. I am now in a much better position and will be debt free next year. Keep up the good work and a very big thank you from me.
  2. The other ones to worry about are Palantir who are data-mining NHS records, I've read, and are now being paid £1m to do it.
  3. Absolutely Right - there isn't. There are only sentences taken out of proper context Absolutely Right - and it seems clear MOST agree and would do the same - although you can now get a test in those circumstances - although whether a negative result removes the self isolation requirement is not entirely clear is it? Absolutely Right - and that is what is absolutely wrong with what Johnson is doing and reinforces point 1 We also need to consider that prevention is what is needed - catch people quickly once they do get infected and before they start transmitting as your point 3 states - which necessitates testing people who are NOT symptomatic, especially those in close contact with others. eg Shop assistants, care workers, and soon to be school children and teachers.
  4. How accurate are the tests, and can they be giving a false positive for stuff like a common Cold that is also a Coronavirus? One thing is certain Test Track & trace is a shambles, the Private companies should never have been involved. Should have properly funded Local Authorities to do it.
  5. Well, 30 hours after I registered and posted a comment, but nowt published on the Indie. Seems they don't like being set right that these are not fines.
  6. It does rather feel that we're all nothing more than a population of lab rats in some very sinister game doesn't it.
  7. pers i'd send them an ericsbrother snotty insulting letter in many like threads here already. and yes an SAR. but do that separate. click SAR you are lucky they sent the PAPLOC to your present address. their typical game is to send everything to your old address and attain a backdoor CCJ. dx
  8. This paragraph struck me in the article. But if additional funding is not provided, either from redirecting the outsourcing money or from the Treasury, any army of door knockers and local contact tracers will need to be funded from existing council budgets or recruited from volunteers. They expect volunteers to make up for the shortcomings of people or rather their systems whose companies are being paid millions?
  9. You state you have taken a pay cut.......check the AOE Protected earnings here :- https://www.gov.uk/debt-deductions-from-employee-pay/deductions-for-nonpriority-order The amount taken by an attachment of earnings is set by the court. They will set a protected minimum amount of income which you must get each month. This is called the protected earnings rate. The attachment will only be taken from earnings above this amount. Your creditor won’t be able to get an attachment of earnings order if your take home pay is always below the protected earnings rate. You must inform the creditor straight away if you stop working or change jobs or your income changes. Inform them of a change of circumstances if your income level has dropped...and reduce the AOE. Andy
  10. a refund would not serve as notice of payment. and dca's are totally powerless never heard of a doorstep visit for a gym debt anyway..
  11. Try not to get personal...difficult I know but you must keep this business like...give him a further 10 days then issue your letter before claim. Dont worry about the name variations as you will be issuing a claim against the Ltd Company...not the individual ...unless hes trading as/ Andy
  12. Okay.....you need to amend that statement of truth...keep it simply and not refer to contempt of court. Also you need to include the following in your conclusion along with that they are in default of your request and more importantly It also states the agreement has been varied...hence section 82 (1) CCA1974....cant use a reconstituted version for enforcement if varied. Andy
  13. Ok, just cancel the DD mandate via your bank. The gym or their admin Co will complain and tell you you owe increasing amounts of money but come here first before making any response. There are no consequences you should worry about. Empty threats !! Read other threads here about Harlands and their methods pre-lockdown.
  14. This is the Royal Society's view on testing for schools. https://www.theguardian.com/education/2020/aug/10/scientists-urge-routine-covid-testing-when-english-schools-reopen
  15. Hi Invin and welcome to CAG Contact your bank and tell them the DD should not have been taken and you need it refunded under the DD Guarantee Scheme. Stop contacting the gym as this will get you nowhere. If the DD is managed by Harlands, no doubt they'll contact you with demands, followed by CRS who are Harlands in disguise. Trust us when we say there will be no problems where you live. You've done all you need to cancel so stop making further attempts.
  16. you have cancelled they have their 1mts notice payment too. cancel the DD and simply ignore everyone. dx
  17. That's just another layer. All we get is layer upon layer of tinkering and nobody knows where they are any more.
  18. I would serve the claim using :- Registered office address Unit 6, Bassett Business Units Hurricane Way, North Weald, Epping, England, CM16 6AA You can confirm the above address in your LBA before issuing.
  19. 7 days since the day of service but no reply from Hermes. Hopefully they respond this week but I do expect them to file an Acknowledgment of Service and extend for a further 14 days. I will update when something changes.
  20. I don't know and if there is evidence against doing so I wish someone would explain it. If I have symptoms I can get tested but if I have symptoms I already know to stay away from people, self-isolate and I would of course. Isn't it those who don't have symptoms are at high risk of passing it on to others for the longest time?
  21. Not sure if you use Google AdSense but you can block just about any ad and entire categories of ads https://support.google.com/adsense/answer/180609#
  22. clear your cookies and you wont see personalised ads. dx
  23. I would suggest that you put it in for the MOT straightaway. Why wait? Then you will have an even better picture of what the defects are. However, if it was advertised with a service history and you haven't had one then this will add great strength to your argument that you should have a refund. if there is no service history then there is no way that they will be able to satisfy the requirement that they are giving a single opportunity to repair. Put it in for the MOT and then write them a letter telling them that you are giving them a single opportunity to carry out all the repairs and also to provide you with the service history and if they will not do this within 14 days then you will see them without any further notice. My advice is but if they they suggest that they will carry out the repairs but do not provide you with the service history first then I would refuse to go ahead with it. they might easily say that they are going to do repairs and ask for the car back and then eventually provide you with the vehicle with repairs done to an uncertain standard but no service history. The service history is merely a piece of paper and they should be able to provide that to you without any delay at all. The service history should be be the nonnegotiable condition for continuing with any further discussion of repairs. be well aware though that enforcement of the judgement may be very tricky. if you begin a claim then make sure that you are very careful about using the correct name for the business. Double check the invoice that you received, the name of the company that you sent the money to to an any other ways that you have of identifying the business. sometimes these companies trade under different names and you tried to sue them and then they say that they don't exist or that you have sued the wrong name etc. if you start drafting a particulars of claim then post it up here so we can check it. It should be as brief as possible containing the bare facts and nothing else
  24. Thanks for the advice I'll keep you informed as it progresses if that's ok
  25. I don't think there is. For my part I'm talking about targeted testing and tracing that's done locally. Speculative testing sounds like the Deloitte type car park testing centres who then don't send test results to local public health people who are able to act promptly if they're informed, or at best sent to them too late to be of any use.
  26. Really you are going to have to make your own judgement as to what to do. however if you do bring the Action then you will undoubtedly win. t is inconceivable that you could be defeated on this. the problem of course will be in enforcing the judgement and if you do win then I would have the judgement transferred up to the High Court for a very vigorous enforcement by the High Court enforcement officers which would cost you only £66 but which will cost the other side at least a couple of grand assuming the enforcement succeeds. If the enforcement doesn't succeed then you won't incur any further losses although of course you would have lost your claim fee. Apart from the fact that you paid by bank transfer and were gullible enough to accept all the assurances of the dealer, you have done all the right things in terms of writing to them to assert your rights. I think you now need to make your decision as to whether or not to bring the claim. If you decide that you will then we will help you. If you decide to sue them then the next step is to send them a letter of claim, to read around on this forum about how to bring a claim, to register with the county court moneyclaim website and then issue the claim on day 15. Don't bother to bluff. it won't get you anywhere as you probably now realise.
  27. Hi HP Mum. I apologise for saying this but I'm not the first on this thread. You're talking about large amounts of money and asking for advice online from people who are extremely well-meaning but with the best will in the world, we aren't lawyers. Your relative could ring specialist property lawyers locally [see the Law Society Find a Lawyer function for ones in the right locality] and ask if they're able to help. They should be willing to talk your relative through the issues for up to half an hour without charging. HB
  28. "Ministers have rejected a call from the children’s commissioner for England to bring in routine coronavirus testing in English schools." "Nick Gibb, the schools minister, confirmed that teachers and pupils in England will not have access to routine testing when they reopen in September and will instead be reliant primarily on hygiene and distancing measures to control any spread of the virus." https://www.theguardian.com/education/2020/aug/09/ministers-reject-call-for-weekly-covid-19-testing-in-english-schools "New swab tests to confirm within 90 minutes if someone has Covid-19, as well as testing for flu, will be rolled out from next week, but Gibb confirmed that these would not as yet be used in schools." Now I agree that getting our kids educated SAFELY should be our number ONE priority .. But sending kids back into schools without a proper testing and monitoring regime to protect not just the children and teachers, but the families the children will return to, is not just 'morally indefensible' its criminal. And effectively saying 'we'll test them once they show symptoms and have had time to spread it ... is beyond simply criminal.
  29. To me, it isn't just about social distancing and hygiene measures. I'm far from the first to say it but until there's a reliable track and trace system, I don't think this can be managed properly. Children may not suffer as much as adults, although some do, they can be asymptomatic and pass on the virus to the rest of the family. https://www.walesonline.co.uk/news/uk-news/lockdown-david-king-second-wave-18739973
  30. I'm looking at your extremely long post on a telephone so it's rather difficult. However, on what I understand your chances of success in a county court are excellent. you have done exactly the right thing by sending them a letter which cites your rights under the Consumer rights act. I am not sure if you have mentioned the name of the dealer. Please do so. The only problem will be that once you have won whether it is possible to enforce the judgement. Is this a well-established dealer with solid premises and stock on site? the fact that they have stopped responding to you is troubling and suggests that they are rather evasive and slippery.
  31. If you get somebody to cover for you on those last three days, are you saying you are OK? ie you don't need to go to work in your old job and you can start the new one? So that gives you what you want - yes? If you can't get somebody to cover for you, you've got two potential courses of action - which may or may not be mutually exclusive. First, ask if you can move your termination date forward by three days. Obviously you won't get paid for those three days and whether your current trust will agree to this depends on what sort of relationship you have with your manager and how much they will need you to work those three days - or how easy you will be to replace. If they say OK - you win. Second, you don't turn up for work on those three days. You will then technically be in breach of contract and in theory the trust could sue you for any financial loss they suffer as a result. This would be the cost of employing somebody to replace you for those three days. Will they need to replace you? I suspect they would not bother to sue you, but nobody can guarantee they won't. And what if you want a reference from them in future? If you've already asked to bring your leave date forward, and they've refused, they may rightly conclude that you are taking the pi$$ if you don't turn up on those days, and they won't like it - or rather they won't like you... Or, as I said before, get your new start date put back three days. The thing is, your current employer can't extend your notice period unless you agree. If they won't allow you to take leave owing to you during that notice period, they should pay you for it. Whether you should write to them as I suggested earlier is more complicated because the situation is much less clear cut than you originally outlined. (You had implied that they had already refused your request to take leave owing to you during your notice period and that you would have to extend your notice period to allow you to take that leave. That isn't quite the position, is it? And they haven't actually said they won't pay you for any leave you don't take, have they?) Two other things: first, are you changing employer within the NHS? If you are, it's a possibility that questions may be asked if you are in the pension scheme and you have two periods of full-time employment that overlap. Second, your manager's email refers to "your last working day". This is a little ambiguous and can cause a lot of confusion in the NHS. You may wish to check whether they mean it is the last day of your employment (ie including any leave you are taking) or is it the last day you are actually present working. Do you see the difference? Managers often get hopelessly confused by this without HR guidance. (And HR often get it wrong). It's a pity you can't or won't seek union guidance if you are a member - that's what you pay for.
  32. Thanks, the fees changed on 3rd August to £14. I paid over the phone and they confirmed it was the new fee for N245.
  33. OP added that (rather important!) information in post #3 - "I have an overlap of 3 days where I must start at the new job but my manager here refuses to give me annual leave for those days. "
  34. Andyorch & Dx CLAIM DISMISSED!!!!!!!!! I held it together!!! So much to take in & so many questions asked i cannot remember them all. Judge was very fair indeed but ultimately I got off on a technicality!! The Judge said that himself that as Lowell had not produced the correct paperwork!! Advocate turned up for them!! He was also annoyed and you could tell that with the supplementary WS outside the timeframe. I do thank you very much for your help & i will donate later today.
  35. You are writing one letter. It takes five minutes. "I would like to take my eave on xx, I ammunwilling to move my end date of employment having given notice correctly. Please advise how you plan to resolve this matter,"
  36. Just to add some balance to the picture, as Taxhelper says, HMRC has focused on various sectors over many years, with a view to getting workers onto PAYE if they really are employees. However, you're unlikely to be in any trouble when you are doing what thousands of other dentists do. HMRC are likely to change things by giving new orders to the companies that "employ" you. Keep good records of all that you receive and spend and find a recommended advisor to help you with recors/accounts and tax return.
  37. Npower https://tinyurl.com/y5krktbw Octopus https://tinyurl.com/yxawe4d7 British Gas https://tinyurl.com/y5ppp8m2 EON https://tinyurl.com/yxtnu8ou Scottish Power https://tinyurl.com/yywu7mh3 EDF https://tinyurl.com/yahjzwxr Gov https://tinyurl.com/prnh38t Urls take you to utilities suppliers
  38. We agree completely on the points of law Go us!
  39. Even claiming 300,000 a day capacity is clearly just lying as amply demonstrated on days when there are no tests available. Actual real achievable reasonably consistent maximum capacity to actually test people unquestionably seems to be around 80,000 a day. 3 years none stop testing to test the UK population just once.
  40. Ticking time bomb is spot on. HMRC have already challenged various sectors of the economy, and their "self employed" assertions, including the TV/film industry, agency workers, plumbers and other areas of the construction industry. Their examinations are not likely to stop any time soon so keep it in mind. Stay safe.
  41. Background https://inews.co.uk/news/health/government-ppe-contract-private-equity-tax-haven-494587 https://yorkshirebylines.co.uk/national-audit-office-to-investigate-15bn-spend-on-ppe/ https://www.cityam.com/government-faces-lawsuit-over-108m-ppe-contract-with-pest-control-firm/ https://threadreaderapp.com/thread/1279311067785633793.html
  42. Jolyon Maugham has a new Twitter thread about the court case against HMG. Ayanda/Prospermills is connected to Andrew Mills, adviser to Liz Truss. It was only worth £100 when it was awarded £252m for buying PPE, under the rules that mean there is no need for scrutiny. So far, none of the PPE seems to be suitable for the NHS. The thread also has a lot of the court documents, plus copy letters from the government/DHSC.
  43. Sorry, there's just so much to read through and I can never seem to find stuff that's specifically relevant to me. If it's any consolation, I now know what it's like to be on the other end of inane and repetitive questions, from the forum that I frequent regularly, in my own field!
  44. Yep and faculty were apparently the ones involved with 'targeted herd immunity' modelling and proposals - allegedly associated with Demonic 'Target their grandparents in homes first, then their kids so the adults have got nowhere to hide - comes to mind and regarding the 90 minute tests "Virologists have been excluded from UK government discussions on how to respond to the coronavirus pandemic, says the UK Clinical Virology Network, which represents researchers in the field. Virologists say they were not consulted about the government’s purchase of new 90 minute tests for the coronavirus and other respiratory viruses from two UK companies, which was announced yesterday. The group sent a letter to government scientific and medical advisors, Patrick Vallance and Chris Whitty in July but say they have not heard back. “It just seems there is a rush to do everything privately,” Will Irving, one of the signatories at the University of Nottingham, told the Guardian." https://www.newscientist.com/article/2237475-covid-19-news-world-faces-catastrophe-from-school-closures-says-un/# https://www.thecanary.co/discovery/2020/04/26/the-governments-scientific-advisory-group-attendee-is-linked-to-a-spy-agency-contractor/
  45. The only way it can affect credit rating is if they take you to court, and you don't defend and they get a a default judgment that you neglect to pay within 28 days, or you lose in court and don't pay the judgment in that time.
  46. ericsbrother is a familiar member here in the parking forum use our search top right snotty insulting letter CEL PAPLOC.....you have received one. pre action protocol letter of claim and the reply pack. but you dont use any of it but you must reply within 30 days plenty of CEL threads here to read up on.
  47. send them a single letter telling them that you deny that you were involved and that you won't be paying anything that you will see them in court. Send them a second letter separate containing an sar Keep the first letter short. Minimum narrative
  48. There was no order for costs. There was no hearing - it was judged on documents alone. It cost the claimant £50 to bring the case though.
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